Your Monday Morning Quiz: Which Three Statements Are Wrong?

  • If you are not thinking mobile you are going to lose.
  • If you are not thinking globally you are going to lose.

  • If everyone agrees with you you are going to lose.
  • The most important ability is speed of recovery.
  • If you are not preparing for what happens after what comes next you are going to lose.
  • Google is not invincible.
  • The owners of Facebook should have took the money.

  • Interesting is more important than anything.
  • Everything is a commodity except your people.

  • Education is relative.
  • Short is better than long.
  • Small is better than big.
  • Fast is not always better than slow.

  • YouTube and MySpace are only blogging platforms. (And more important than MTV.)
  • Digg is not really that important.
  • What makes the US constitution important is that it protects the minority. (That is also the most important thing about the internet.)
  • Influence is the only thing that matters.

  • Podcasting is not that important.
  • Outsource everything but the three smartest people in your company.

Three of the above statements are wrong.

Which and why? 

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24 Comments on “Your Monday Morning Quiz: Which Three Statements Are Wrong?”

  1. Erik Says:

    “Short is better than long.”

    Sums up what is wrong with 90% of Podcasts. If you can’t say it in 3 minutes, podcasting is not the right medium.

  2. Great stuff but more important, radical in it’s display and delivery.

    Based on each person’s status and goals, they could all be wrong.

    What seems more important is, if you are starting today, consider these statements and read the rest of ther comments to see which three the most say are wrong and definately keep doing them first ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Good Answer.

    But you didn’t answer the question. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. TerryC Says:

    Great Post!

    And I’m too scared to answer!

  6. Mark Says:

    You don’t have to think globally to win. In fact, the greatest opportunity, in my opinion, is in smaller niches. In fact, going global is massively complex — if you dont get it right, you’re screwed.

    Everyone is invincible, including Google. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust — it’s the fate of all of us and the wordly empires we build.

    Big attracts big. When the big get together, it can do great things.

    More on point though, all of these statements are wrong, or more specifically empty if we as individuals only read them without consideration and action.

    In the early to mid-nineties, Fast Company magazine put out stuff like this every month. Some took heed, but very few, most dismissed as positive thinking fodder. The magazine, of course, teetered on the edge of dust not too long ago and still hasn’t fully recovered — despite all their advice to “do this, or lose.”

  7. Brian Says:

    These are wrong:

    1. If you are not thinking globally you are going to lose.

    Going deep, deep local is a winning model

    2. Interesting is more important than anything.

    Boring, yet important, data has great utility in many fields.

    3. Influence is the only thing that matters.

    Influence is crucial, but worthless if you never execute on it.

    Just my thoughts. Everything else, imho, is dead on.

  8. Adam Elend Says:

    What’s right is the first picture, what’s wrong is that it’s not an action sequence.

  9. chartreuse Says:

    Terry relax. I’m grading on a curve. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Mark Says:

    Here’s some more:

    If you own a lawn cutting business, no one’s going to care that you’ve gone mobile only that you show up with your lawnmower.

    Influence without follow-through is like bait without a hook and faith without works — Dead.

    Education is not relative, teaching is.

  11. james Says:

    Here’s my shot:

    1. Outsourcing everybody but the three smartest people. What if you three smartest people happen to be incapable of organising anything or communicating properly? What if the core functions require five permanent staff?

    2. Interesting is more important then anything. What about usefulness? Frappr is interesting, but Ta Da Lists is useful and better, despite not having drag and drop list reorganisation.

    3. The most important ability is speed of recovery. What about creativity? What about managerial skills, or harcore tehcnical skills to produce things to a deadline?

    On Digg and Podcasting, very true. Digg is glorified Slashdot and podcasting is glorified net radio.

    The fluff that collects in my belly-button is more important then MTV, but the amateur productions on YouTube will rarely compete with professional broadcasts.

    Also, influence isn’t the only thing that matters. In round-ups of portal pages Google and Live often come before NetVibes and hence could be said to have less influence. NetVibes is superior by any measure you care to suggest, which matters more in terms of advancing the quality of web apps.

  12. Scrivs Says:

    I like my picture with the podcast pickle better, but I’m biased.

  13. Liz Strauss Says:

    The first three statements are wrong. You need to be thinking globally about ideas and then turning them inside out and upside down. You need to be mobile and flexible and if everyone agrees with you. I guarantee you don’t have an idea at all.

  14. Liz Strauss Says:

    Sorry I didn’t say that well. Add to the above. You also need to be doing the oppositie of what you think so as much as they’re right. They’re wrong.

  15. rafi Says:

    Mark Says:

    “If you own a lawn cutting business, no oneโ€™s going to care that youโ€™ve gone mobile only that you show up with your lawnmower.”


    If your lawn cutting business isn’t mobile then you’ll be cutting the same lawn over and over.

  16. Mark Says:

    Haha Rafi. I guess we could take “mobile” to the next extreme in that definition and say that if you aren’t mobile you’d be mowing nothing but a hole in the ground.

  17. Mike Lewis Says:

    The wrong ones are:

    – short is better than long
    – Influence is all that matters. I don’t know what this means. Plenty of sites are amazingly useful (and profitable) without “influencing”. On the flip side, services that are successful are influential to certain groups. So, you could argue that influence is important but i don’t think all service sets out to be influential. They strive first to be relevant and useful.
    – facebook should have taken the money. Their influence is only growing and although users (especially theirs – 16-21) are fickle, facebook is the only social network that’s actually innovating and their users recognize that and *love* them. Their importance will only grow.

  18. range Says:

    -If everyone agrees with you you are going to lose.

    If nobody is challenging your opinions or your views, you will not be able to progress. You are surrounded by yes-men.

  19. chartreuse Says:

    Of course any could be wrong according to your situation.

    But I do think lawn services need to be mobile…

  20. David Krug Says:

    First off I’m going to ignore your statements up above. What you need to think about is how to we bring the air conditioning to the middle east. Have you ever noticed there are more wars in warm climates. If they had freaking air conditioning than all would be well.

    Even better mobile air conditioning.

    You never have to think global but if your not thinking Googlish than your not thinking at all. If you have no way to realize that YouTube is just as huge as Google and way more important than your a freaking retard. If you add YouTube + Google and your thinking Globally you are a freaking genius.

    Either way Char you are genius. And let me tell you I was laffing about the YouTube commenting crap. Is youtube retarded or what?

    All for now,


  21. chartreuse Says:

    That youtube comment ruckus is stupid and facinating.
    It really proves how everyone just wants attention.
    Welcome to the 15 seconds of Fame universe.

  22. something just so sad about the girl in the second photo.

    Char – obviously she is not thinking that this is “the best time to be aliove on the planet”

    Hope. Need more of it, need it globally, need it mobile and need it now.

  23. Vince Chan Says:

    Interesting… I’m not touching those “3” with a 10-foot pole but just wondering how everybody feels about this experiment? Put up a bunch of statements, tell them 1 is wrong, 3 are wrong or 5 are wrong and ask people to say which and more importantly WHY! Opinions will differ, but those differences make for great comments! Love it Char!

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