Lindsey Lohan, Game Shows and the Bloggers Who Love Them (The Tuesday Morning Remix)


Video Interview With Rafat’s Paid Content.

Is C/net the biggest blog network?

New Hot Web Couple: Jason Calacanis and Lindsey Lohan?

The New Tower Online Digital Store: A Review

Why Hidden Fees Are Not Going To Go Away

I personally know Dallas Austin. And what has happened to him is scary.

The Ten People In Tech Who Don’t Matter

Hip Hop Bloggers vs. Game Shows

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7 Comments on “Lindsey Lohan, Game Shows and the Bloggers Who Love Them (The Tuesday Morning Remix)”

  1. David Krug Says:

    The linky to the Ten People in Tech is borked.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    thx. I fixed it.

  3. Robert Bruce Says:

    May the Lord have mercy on Dallas Austin.

  4. Loren Says:

    I hope everything works out for your friend. May he be watched over.

  5. range Says:

    Not looking good for Dallas Austin, they are somewhat harsh with their sentences over there.

  6. djhoff81 Says:

    i just heard Lohan is going to be on a special on Vh1 about this band Platinum Weird. i was reading that it was Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics first group in the 70s that never released their album back then, and now they’re doing a special on them.

    anyone else heard about this?

  7. june Says:

    sometimes linsey can really be annoying but shes not the same any more shes different and for peole who see this or woman who see this this is not who u want to be u can change this your life were talking about . this is not who u want to be every bad chose that u make changes everything that 1 mistakes messes up everything even your life because only u can controll your self . so change who u r today.

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