A Look At Some Modern YouTube Art

The Latest From Robert Bruce


How about a YouTube Tour? Cool idea. Good songwriter

LisaNova Takes The Bus (Boring intro but a great view of America)


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13 Comments on “A Look At Some Modern YouTube Art”

  1. David Krug Says:

    Look to see an interview with Terra out tommorow over @ The Blog Herald. She’s a great gal. Love the lyrics 🙂

  2. Loren Says:

    The future of the web is here. Until they invent a Hologram that comes out of my computer, video will reign supreme. What talent in these three. So much more interesting than TV. And very soon this will be on TV. I don’t mean the shows. I mean the web. It’s coming to your TV right now. Hint:Buy AAPL. Anyone can produce and distribute on a massive level. The video revolution is not coming it’s here, and it’s going to be sick.

    Hey Robert if you want an agent contact me. I got a friend in the biz.


  3. Brian Says:

    Robert Bruce is a rock star.

  4. TerryC Says:

    I guess this new media superstar stuff is real.

  5. Robert Bruce is a poetry rockstar. Terra Naomi is a–er…rockstar rockstar.

    You are maybe the coolest new variety of rockstar: the pop-zeitgeist-aggregator rockstar.

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world…

  6. chartreuse Says:

    I really like LisaNova.
    I think she’s a YouTube superstar.
    If you watch her video carefully you’ll see that she is in 90% of the shots.
    Yet it’s about other people.
    She gets it.

  7. range Says:

    She is pretty good.
    interesting people on the bus. I could have watched an hour of this

  8. Bruce is a stud. Plain and simple. Guys a filmaker and a poet.

  9. Minic Rivera Says:

    I would like to share this piece of interview that we did at The Blogging Times on Robert Bruce: http://www.thebloggingtimes.com/content/index.php/interview-robert-bruce-poet/

  10. Robert Bruce Says:

    Thanks for running this one Char.

    And thanks for the good words, all.

  11. Michele Says:

    LisaNova knows how to mix it up and make it interesting, funny, and creative. She’s the QUEEN OF YOUTUBE!

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