Prince, Muppets and Coffee


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19 Comments on “Prince, Muppets and Coffee”

  1. TerryC Says:

    There is no way Network TV would allow Prince to sing a song with such drug connotations to kids today.

    Great song, though. What album is that from? And was that a muppet of Prince?

  2. chartreuse Says:

    Now why in the world would a good boy like Prince go on a family show and sing about the joy of drugs? Next you’ll be telling me ‘Little Red Corvette’ wasn’t about a car… 🙂

  3. chartreuse Says:

    That was from the Signs of the Times double album. The song was never released as a single which makes the idea of singing it on TV kinda strange. But since it was Prince not too many eyebrows were raised.

    And yeah, tht was a Prince muppet.

  4. ann michael Says:

    Prince rocks – even as a muppet!

  5. Brian Says:

    I never got any drug connotations in Starfich and Coffee, especially since Prince is famous for NOT doing drugs, or even drinking.

    Maybe someone needs to clue me in…

  6. chartreuse Says:

    jeez…and you call yourself a lawyer!
    just kidding.
    Here’s a clue:

    What happened when they opened the lunchbox?

  7. Brian Says:

    Lucy cried, I almost died, u know what we found?

    Starfish and coffee
    Maple syrup and jam
    Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine
    And a side order of ham
    If u set your mind free, honey
    Maybe youd understand
    Starfish and coffee
    Maple syrup and jam

  8. Mark Says:

    I hope you’re going to enlighten us Char, because I’m not seeing it either, I mean I could how it might be construed by some — but I dont see how it is, like I do with Puff the Magic Dragon or Lucy in the sky with Diamonds or Hey Jude or Whiter Shade of Pale.

  9. range Says:

    Prince kicks ass.

  10. chartreuse Says:

    Here’s what was told to me.

    The song StarFish and Coffee is about a girl on heroin. In her lunchbox is her kit. Prince and Lucy tried it.

    “Lucy cried, I almost died.”

    Cynthia acted and dressed like a junky.

    Set your mind free.

    Ofcourse this was told to me by some Prince fanatics a few years ago when I was part of NPG club.

    Prince (to my knowledge) has never verified this information. 🙂

  11. Mark Says:

    Here’s what I found

    Cynthia Rose is actually based off someone Susannah Melvoin (sister of Wendy) knew in school who was autistic and was teased because she was “different.”

    The song is celebrating those differences and apparently Prince was planning on releasing this on a childrens’ album that never came to be.


  12. chartreuse Says:

    For the record.

    The smartest people read this blog!

  13. Brian Says:

    Yeah, man… I’m surprised at you. Prince would never advocate “setting your mind free” with heroin. That’s not his thing.

    I had heard the autism angle before, so this drug thing really confused me.

  14. chartreuse Says:

    i just repeat the stories. music can be interpreted many ways. and i think the npgclub is a valid source…

  15. Brian Says:

    Are you saying Prince does drugs, or advocates the use of drugs? Because for the opinion of those esteemed NPG members to make sense, you’d have to believe that.

    It’s true that music can be intepreted many ways, but fans are usually able to interpret a bit better based on what they know about the artist.

    OK, enough ranting. 🙂

  16. chartreuse Says:

    It’s just a video done with muppets.

  17. Kristine Says:

    Enigmatic? Nah. Don’t you remember the odd kid in the class? Or didn’t you ever grab the wrong lunch box? Better yet…couldn’t he just be having some fun and pointing out what joys there are in little things…like starfish.

  18. Thunderpeel Says:

    Prince sings alot about setting your mind free in many songs it about getting high on life not on drugs.

  19. mont Says:

    I agree with you totally thunderpeel

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