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WE ARE ALL CNN (Or New Media That Matters)

July 31, 2006

The email I got a few days ago (which I posted on this site) really bothered me. I felt an an intense need to do something but I didn’t know what.

How can we find out the truth?

How can we learn what’s really going on?

So here’s what I decided to do.


Wealth Advisor Update

July 31, 2006


You Gotta Love ‘New Hollywood’ (Or Kevin Smith Is Always Open)

July 30, 2006

Kevin Smith is one of the most interesting filmmakers around.

He is probably more in touch with his audience than any major director in history. Some call him a hypocrite , others call him a genius.


A Little Comfort For A World Gone Mad

July 28, 2006

enjoy your weekend


My Short And Uneventful Marriage To The Empress Of Spoke Media

July 28, 2006

So the chick pictured above runs one of the most outrageous media empires in the earth’s atmosphere. It’s properties include a blog network, a sex radio show on Sirius, and a recently launched blog on sex blogs.

So I shot her an email saying I wanted to interview her and asking if she could send me some pictures.

She sent me a couple the same day.

I repaid her promptness by forgetting about the questions I was supposed to send.

She then sent me an email accusing me of just asking for her pictures so I would have something new to jerk off to.

I hate it when chicks figure me out.


Welcoming New Bloggers Or The Art Of The Tease

July 27, 2006

So one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time is something called The Blog Surprise Game.

Here’s how it works:


“…People have no idea how out of control things are down here…”

July 27, 2006

I read a story about FEMA not allowing Katrina victims to talk to reporters.

That sounded a bit outrageous to me so I asked a friend of mine who works in a position which allows her/him to see what’s going on across the state of Louisiana to tell me if it was true. (Sorry, they are not allowed to speak “on the record” to the press!)

Here is her/his unedited response (with parts taken out which could reveal her/his identity):