Links (The Morning Remix hangover edition)

yeah, my head hurts. Too much barbecue…

GoogleNews sometimes makes mistakes.

Is Branding really important?

The five worst movie ideas of 2006

Did you check out Liz’s party?

Protecting Content

babysitting adults

Rap happy companies rush to take their hip hop loyalty oaths in the wake of the Jay-Z/Cristal disaster.

Developing nations start news service to fight western bias.

Colleen’s 15 seconds of fame.

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8 Comments on “Links (The Morning Remix hangover edition)”

  1. Robert Bruce Says:

    Colleen deserves more than 15 seconds.

    The Communicatrix is a recommended read, yeah, yeah, yeah…

  2. I love the barfing picture because it also relates to the 5 worst movies of the year and what is wrong with the blogosphere.

    The movie guys are just barfing up content and it hurts everybody. That is the worst list ever and that list could be 100. The formula movie guys are using is insulting.

    Jason Calacanis and Blogging Stocks and “Digg” killer Netscape 108.0 (LOL) are what will hurt bloggers. No innovation, just a barfed up stew of other ideas with no creativity. Thats why the big corporate guys get paid the big bucks 🙂

    Nick Denton is actually what’s right, json and movie producers are what’s wrong with blogging

  3. When you’re literally the background of a non-news story on Nightlame, I think it’s your 15 seconds of infamy.

    Whatever. I’m so two hours ago…

  4. David Krug Says:

    So your saying my idol should have changed from Calacanis to Denton a few months ago?

    Dang Dang Dang. *slaps face.

    this whole time its been Princey Cambologna

  5. range Says:

    Tokyo drift, that movie sucked so bad. Formula D is about style and speed, not speeding in a parking garage. It’s like a choreography of the best drivers on a closed circuit.

  6. Won’t you good people and peepholes join me in celebrating the DEATH of Ken Lay.

    Now I KEN LAY me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Ooops, ken weren’t no spiritual soul, were he?

    Ding Dong the Bitch Man is Dead! Long Live Sarbanes-Oxley!

  7. Mr Angry Says:

    I thought the “protecting content” link was interesting. What’s going to happen is the death of the blockbuster and the death of the superstar. High quality (from an artistic point of view) will always exists because true artists are driven to create. Rewards come second or not at all (Vincent Van Gogh anyone?)

    The digital future promises a successful (though not stellar) future for thousands more artists of every variety than are able to be commercially viable today. The entertainment industry is largely a locked box these days – you can’t be a star without a publisher/producer/intermediary. That is starting to change and will continue to change more.

    “Disintermediation” is an over-used and over-hyped term in technology and I think at the end of the day the big studios won’t be wiped out. Eventually, one or more of them will realise the truth of the two choices presented in that link (make access and use of digital content easy and risk theft or make access hard and have it stolen anyway) and go for open easy access. This will open up huge new markets for them and everyone else.

    But there will be a lot of pain in the meantime.

  8. What I like is the Universal Free Economy (oxymoron?) of the Online World.

    Everything, almost, is FREE. Free software, free email, free & legal music mp3s (at Amazon, record labels like Matador, and at net labels).

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