[Best Of] The Answer Sheet

There are a lot of things going on I would like to write about such as World War III: What’s In It For You? and The Importance Of AARP To The Digital Future (Really) but I’m sitting in the Tampa airport getting ready to fly to New York so it’s hard to concentrate.  That means you’ll have to deal with a best of and maybe a short remix today.

I’ll be meeting with a lot of folks in the next 48 and if you happen to be in NYC feel free to join the party. Just shoot me an email and I’ll send you some details before the day is done.




What are you betting on?

If you’re betting on technology you’ll lose because everyone is reverse engineering everyone else. Fast.

If you’re betting on information you’ll lose because everyone knows the same thing. And if they don’t know it they can learn it. Fast.

If you’re betting on institutions you’ll lose because no one trusts any institution anymore. From governments to schools to big oil and media companies. Every institution you know now will be completely different before anyone reading this dies.

Fame is a sucker’s bet. Everybody’s going to be famous. And those who build you will then destroy you. Then build another one just like you.

If you’re betting on experts you’ll lose because no one believes them. ( see institutions )

There is only one safe bet.


The good news is everyone starts with a winning hand.

You just have to know how to play it…

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11 Comments on “[Best Of] The Answer Sheet”

  1. See you in New York dude

  2. range Says:

    Would like to meet you, can’t. Maybe next time.

  3. VampireFeet Says:

    I like this post.
    Looking forward to seeing you. Will security be around? 🙂

  4. TerryC Says:

    When I told some friends at work I was meeting you they all wanted to come. You hve a rep dude.

  5. Liz Strauss Says:

    I’m betting on me, but I haven’t figured who’s going to deliever the pay off.

  6. Rhetorical Question Says:

    Who are you and what is it that you do exactly?

  7. RB Says:


    Char is The Wizard, The Pied Piper and Air Conditioning all rolled into one mysterious and approachable afternoon matinee.

  8. fred Says:

    you are an expert and made yourself famous

  9. […] Your most recent post said it best. […]

  10. Rhetorical Question Says:


    I am the dwarf, the rat and the dusty room all rolled into an evening of wall-to-wall vomitting.

    Whatever tickles your pickles people.

    Peace up.

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