Wine, Women, Song

crocodile lounge @ 7pm

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14 Comments on “Wine, Women, Song”

  1. Minic Rivera Says:

    Yikes… too bad… I am far right now. I was so close about an hour ago 😦 Anyway, enjoy and have fun. For you people who will be meeting Chart… photos, videos, autograph… whatever you can get from this man

  2. howard Says:

    Big deal. I counted 10 fingers. Same as me.

    BTW CHAR – Incidentals are yours on the room 🙂

  3. Michael Doig Says:

    Site Security patted me down, shook hands, asked questions, drank alcohol, got free shot, played trivia, met other blogger, and broke wine glass. Thanks for all the fun…Char is actually human and Loren was cool too, he even kept his pants on.

  4. Trivia Ladies Says:

    Sorry you guys felt the need to cheat at some gay ass trivia, but we love you anyways…Don’t hold it against us that your boy isn’t smooth with his cheating skills!

    Hope you have fun in NYC.


  5. […] 1938 Media Talent Management is pleased to announce that Prince Campbell AKA Chartreuse will be working with us to discover and nurture the best talent on the web. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to be working with a visionary like Char. Really. […]

  6. nathan Says:

    Good time last night, and, yeah, I guess my cheating skills aren’t quite as developed as those trivia ladies’.

  7. range Says:

    Cool pic. Hope you had fun.

  8. […] Lovely Wine, Women, and Song image on Chartreuse. […]

  9. No Strings and No Props…

    So I had some drinks with Chartreuse (he’s the guy hiding behind the cactus in the photo) and his Band of Merry Men last night.Turns out our blogging buddy is a skinny, emphatic talker who can leap conceptual mountains……

  10. Fraser Says:

    Will the Chartreuse experience be the same now that the mystery-thing has been unwound a bit?


  11. Andy H Says:

    Dang, sad I missed it 😦

  12. Liz Strauss Says:

    This is a most cool thing. Congratulations for the fun and the announcement. Great things always seem to be on the docket here!

  13. Eclectika Says:

    Oh yes I forgot to mention, it’s

    ‘shar-tr-urgh-ze’ and not ‘shar-truce’

  14. chartreuse Says:

    I’m from new orleans. We have our own vocabulary.

    We have to pronounce streets like Tchoupitoulas and caliope.

    Caliope is pronounced CAL-E-OPE in n.o. btw!

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