Housekeeping (NYC edition)

First I need to thank everyone involved in someway with my Manhattan trip. Special thanks to Howard Lindzon who was generous enough to put put me up at The W in Union Square and Loren Feldman who not only acted as a great security guy but was wwaayy cool to my brother. (He didn’t stop one of my bags from being pilfered though!)


I met with folks from across the spectrum. The Manhattan contingent of this site all look like they walked from central casting. They are all good-looking, smart and have cool jobs. They’ve been in the peace corp., been arrested for protesting outside “free-speech zones”, teach students in Harlem using the “ten crack commandments” for illustrations, and various other cool stuff.

But what really impressed me was the ideas and knowledge these folks have.

I was up till 4am one night just talking deeply about this new media stuff with some very brilliant minds. We are all fortunate to be involved in something that is going to have deep implications socially, culturally and in wealth creation. The new media industry is going to change a lot of things whether you realize it or not.

I closed some deals and put into motion some things I’ve only talked about to friends until now.

I got together with a smart chick (I’m a sucker for smart girls) and my site security guy to do something special.

If what this is is really the new hollywood then mechanisms must be put into place so the new talent can take advantage of it.
This is the real beginning of the free agent age.

Your accountant is Terrell Owens.

So is the kid who put up a coolvideo on YouTube.

We are all eventually going to free agents and it’s important you have people who around you who realizes that and know how to exploit it to your benefit. I’ll explain more about it on our blog.

But that’s only a peice of what’s happening.

Anyway, thanks guys. Manhattan was great. I’ll be posting pictures and video over the weekend.


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12 Comments on “Housekeeping (NYC edition)”

  1. TerryC Says:

    I’m sorry I missed it.

    I’m not surprised site security messed up, though. He’s a slacker! 🙂

  2. One slip up and that’s what you bring up? If you would have let me carry the bags like I wanted you would still have it.

  3. What is the downside of everyone a free agent? Domination systems and materialism will melt back into nothing. Full chalk circle. Walk before imitate. It means that we no longer need talent agencies, ad councils, broadcast media, author reps, sales people, or any other intermediary.

    We are flocking to the one thing they can no longer control: each other. We are informing and entertaining each other, generally for free, with mostly free software open source, on VPNs and InterPlaNet link-ups, moving toward compu-telepathy, when we’ll send an email by scratching a spot on head, or download a movie by flinching an eyebrow.

  4. Jecklin Says:

    Used the opportunity to read through the archive–viewed it as “remedial education”….

  5. range Says:

    It’s fun to see Char on pictures and video.

  6. Matt Says:

    Feldman seriously looks like your personal security service dude in that picture


  7. Noah Brier Says:

    Good times, man, good times.

    When are you coming back?

  8. range Says:

    Hm, can’t seem to play those vids from YouTube in this post.

  9. chartreuse Says:

    range: i’ll look into that.

    Noah: no idea, but since I now have a few business interest their it’ll be soon rather than later.

  10. nathan Says:

    Quite the video you got there Char, quite the video.

  11. […] The Cult of Chartreuse?  Prince Campbell is a brilliant guy, but on a recent trip to meet the faithful in NYC, I’m worried these people will literally drink the Kool-aid if asked.  I’ll have updates from Jonestown and things develop. […]

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