The Outsourcing No One Talks About (Or McDonalds Explains The New ‘New’ Economy)

When I go to McDonald’s I always leave my tray of remains on the table.

But not because I’m a slob.


But because it helps the real world economy.

Folks like me leaving garbage means another person has to be on the clock to clean up the various messes.

It’s my little way of giving someone a job.

And stay out of the new “new” economy.


Is it really a convenience to bag your own groceries?

Or are you really just subsidizing Publix?

And shouldn’t you get a discount for that?

They sold ATMs as if it’s a convenience you should pay for. The truth is that it’s a way to get rid of workers and put the work on your back.

Big companies (and small) are outsourcing work not just to foriegn countries, but to YOU.

It’s the real new economy.

Work you pay to do.

I think the Indian chicks got a better deal.

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35 Comments on “The Outsourcing No One Talks About (Or McDonalds Explains The New ‘New’ Economy)”

  1. Andy Hagans Says:

    That looks like Meadow Soprano.

    And I agree that self checkout is the biggest scam ever. So is emptying your tray at a restaurant… unless they’re paying me to do it

  2. Andy Hagans Says:

    And for the record I used to be “the trash guy” at a Burger King, so it’s not just me being a jerk 🙂

  3. chartreuse Says:

    I never did trash detail but i’m not trying to be a jerk, either.

    And that woman is a famous Bollywood star. She’s wwaayy more popular than Meadow!

  4. Mark Says:

    Did McDonalds ever move forward with their idea of outsourcing drive-thru orders to a call center in India?

  5. Michael Says:

    Re: the ATMs… not to mention that the damn banks hit you with all kinds of fees. so they don’t have to emply as many tellrs AND they rack up on fees. what a grat scam, er, business to be in.

  6. Andy Hagans Says:

    Yeah ATMs is another good one.

    And how about the gym. I can go get paid $2 an hour to lift some tires for my dad, why should I pay YOU $60 a month to lift your weights??? Lift ’em yourself.

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Bad example.

  8. jordan glasner Says:

    Hmm.. you should have a little card made up that you leave on your tray that explains how your saving their job. Else the person picking up the tray will think your just another arrogant fuck, and it’s *never* good to have your neighborhood McDonald’s crew thinking that.

    Of course, you could just never go back to the same place twice. Spreading the word to all the McDonald’s employes in a hundred mile radius.

    Great point btw. Now I know why I feel like I’m working 100 hours a week.

  9. range Says:

    Hmm, Bollywood chicks are always smoking hot.

  10. I like all this Absolute Switched-On User Empowerment. I like to have some, or really a jumbo amount, of control over my experiences and mis-adventures. Doing it all myself, why not allow us to not only check out and bag the stuff, but also make it in the first place?

    This is what could use some polishing, make it gleam: auto-consumption economy, which is barely any economy at all. Consumers produce and communicate to each other and the intermediaries are wiped away like chocolate syrup off your chin.

  11. At WalMart, the self check stalls are usually vacant enough for me to slip in pretty quickly, while the lines of customers who prefer to be pampered by a human check out thingamajig cashier are intolerable, too long, too slow, too populated.

    I prefer to step right up to a computer, scanner, optical recognizer, or what have you. Pass my goods before it, await its approval to allow me to buy it, answer all its questions about past purchases and future shopping plans, provide two proofs of ID, and dance a jig on the head of a PIN number.

    The more we interact with the machines, the kinder they will be as they eliminate us.

  12. Andy H Says:

    > while the lines of customers who prefer to be pampered by a human check out thingamajig cashier are intolerable, too long, too slow, too populated.

    The auto checkouts means they hire less cashiers. Saves ’em money, and has the nice side effect of more people thinking like you, “hey wow, i’ll check myself out, that’s faster than these stupid lines, I win as the consumer!”

  13. Andy H Says:

    “Please take the last item out of the bag, and wait for cashier assistance.”

    [3 seconds elapses]

    “Please take the last item out of the bag, and wait for cashier assistance.”

    [3 seconds elapses]

    “Please take the last item out of the bag, and wait for cashier assistance.”

    [3 seconds elapses]

    ….. SOO much faster 😉

  14. David G Says:

    brilliant – we do way too freakin’ much for ourselves – the american dream is just an endless series of menial chores – this is seriously eating into quality of life – outsourcing (esp. telerobotics) is actually the solution, not the problem

    people look at offshore workers and count lost jobs – fact is that much offshore work is stuff that would never have happened onshore because the economics dont support it

  15. TerryC Says:

    Nice post.

    The real crime is that they are not passing the savings back to us.

  16. Meredith Says:

    I always kind of enjoyed having people ring up and bag my groceries for me. I think the self-checkout is appealing to people because of some warped idea of privacy and the illusion of speed, or being able to maintain a bubble. Fewer people know what you’re buying, what you’re putting in your body when you check yourself out, whatever implications that has, and you can minimize human interaction.
    It could also be the conflict of enjoying service but being embarrassed by confronting the people who are helping you. People often want help and pampering, but are often uncomfortable when it’s somebody’s job to do the help and pampering.

  17. chartreuse Says:

    Good points Meredith.

    I just like flirting with the checkout girls.

  18. Clyde Smith Says:

    Word. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one pissed at work being shifted to the consumer, i.e. me.

  19. sarahcvc Says:

    Have any of you actually worked as a check out person? That’s a job not worth preserving, it sucks. Especially when you have to get on the mic to call for a price check……

  20. R Says:

    The first step toward accomlishing a dream is realizing no one is going to help you acheive it.

    Cleaning-up after yourself is the gateway drug to personal accountability.

    Now if we could just go back to the money under the mattress system of banking…

  21. chartreuse Says:

    Cleaning-up after yourself is the gateway drug to personal accountability.

    Great line. Bullshit, but a great fucking line. 🙂

  22. chartreuse Says:

    Oh, and it’s not really about preserving a low pay job. My real problem is that I feel I should see lower prices or a discount if I am going to be working for a company. No one expects a person to clean up after a meal in a sit down restaurant, why should I expect less from mICKEY d’S?

    When I use self checkout I have a choice. If I decide to save the company money and actuallyhandle the transaction myself shouldn’t I get a discount of some kind? Jeez, I’m working for free!

  23. Meredith’s ditzy psycho babble means little to me or my position on this topic.

    Expecting a ca\shier to ring you up, bag your groceries, hand you change, and chatter about your boy’s soccer injury to the groin is Old Economy.

    We in the Absolute Switched-On User Empowerment Revolution encourage a Thoreau like self-reliance and showing of initiative. Most employees are lazy and most CEOs are mediocre. So?

    The Other Thans and me, we have different plans. We want to control all facets of our personal lives, and we crave speed, multiplicity, infinities in all directions.

  24. Fool, if you can’t operate a self check out, and keep getting “wait for cashier assistance” error messages.

    Player hate, that’s what you got against me and other tech adepts who make you look bad. Ya want gas station attendants cleaning your windshield sloppily too? Shoe shine kids on every corner? Yeah, bring back the 50s man. Puke.

  25. Mark Says:

    So I guess you also go to full-service gas stations Char? Or do you just sit at the pump at the self-service ones waiting for someone to help you or give you a discount on gas?


  26. Andy H Says:

    > Have any of you actually worked as a check out person?

    Yes for two years.

    And yes Americans have a weird hangup about “accepting personal service”.

    Go live in Shanghai for 6 months, I did. It’ll change your whole outlook 🙂

  27. chartreuse Says:

    I like to pump gs with my cellphone in my hand. My way of living on the edge…

  28. I never clean up at Mickeys either and the only real reason I have is that I just don’t want to. I don’t do it at fancy places, why should I do it there? A restaurant is a restaurant. And yeah I’ve had plenty of “shit” jobs.

  29. R Says:

    Bullshit is in the eye of beholder I suppose.

    I try not to judge, but when I see people leave a mess at the _____ it says something.

    Maybe (and I have thought about it some more) it’s just a facet of control over your own (temporary) space and/or something along the lines of “if this is my last day” do I want to leave a mess or live as the person I tell myself I really am….a clean, balanced, and thoughtful cat.

    If there’s a dedicated employee assigned to strictly picking up the trash on tables then I see your point…

    This concept reminds me of the whole notion of “we are our own boss/we can customize life with our own template.” Does that thinking stop at your mac/pc/spiffy gadget/and/or/car?

    I could say more but I’m figuring I had you at “gateway” and that should count for something.

  30. I clean everything in my path, converting it to my point of view: cool cats, uncool cats, unclean untouchables, you name it, I de-slime it.

    I hate dirt, filth, and other people’s extremities, though they need them to survive thoughtfully in this world.

    I will leave a mess at fancy restaurants because traditions say we’re supposed to. We also must tip and be nice and hurry up and eat and get out of there so other famished guests may live and reproduce by feasting.

    This is what the machines tell me to say.

  31. Billy Sunday Says:

    You almost nailed the concept that I have been preaching or several years. Here in NYC I place litter in wealthy neighborhoods. Those are the places where people are immediately offended by the out of place trash and they seek its removal expeditiously. I don’t litter inside the working class ‘hoods because the chance that the trash will be in the same place is high. Temporarily displaced by the wind or moving car tires.

    You just opened my eyes to the self-checkout phenomena which I use often, but I will no longer.

    Also, shouldn’t they require that people take an exam before they can operate those machines. One afternoon I was stuck in the self checkout line for almost 30 minutes because all of the old codgers who have rotary phones in their houses were at the machines.


  32. Jim Says:

    Well I have the privilege of serving the public at an impound lot, and that sheds some light on this subject. This environment is an excellent example of true humanlike customer service.

    When you arrive, if you make the error of driving into the entry gate or walking in a vehicle area, you will be sternly scolded by a uniformed person and directed into a small room with no furniture, vending machines, plants, or anything other than a hard wall of steel and bulletproof glass windows and a single rotary telephone, all under the glare of five audio-recording surveillance eyes, yellow warning signs and slate metal grey decor.

    After a ten minute grilling from a harsh menopausal woman on the other side of the three inch glass, you are ordered to go stand outside on a sidewalk next to the building, in whatever weather conditions are present. Then a uniformed man demands your name and signature, informs you of what is going to happen, and whisks you away in a truck to an unknown location in a sea of automobiles. You watch as he tears open the doors to your car and searches for weapons or contraband, and then marches you over to point out the location of the registration and insurance, which he snatches away from you and tucks into his clipboard. You are stuffed back into the truck and shipped back to the Glass Wall Room to wait for your named to be bellowed out over loudspeakers so you can approach the glass and offer up your credit cards and cash to the gods of the parking authority, and hope that you will be able to get your car out.
    Then you are dragged one final time out to your car and ordered to follow the guard truck out to the gate, show your ticket, have a large cumbersome sticker peeled off your windshield, leaving a thick residue on your windshield. You can hear the guards laughing at you as you drive away.

  33. I wonder how much money Jordan has made from his shoe line? Probably in the billions!

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