Morning Remix (‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ Edition)

The Yale Journal of Law & Technology has an interesting article on how judges in copyright cases should consider enviromental economics. Really. (PDF)

Jason Calacanis makes new friends

The New York Times via Reddit

So let me see if I got this right, Jason will pay, Kevin won’t pay, CNN isn’t paying so I guess that means MSNBC will?

DiggLabs has some cool stuff but is this stuff necessary?

The Blogging Times Syndicates

So Mark, is relocation necessary?

Some self-publishing wisdom

Music Night At Liz’ place

Coca Cola partners with Clear Channel to stream concert

George IMs Condi

How to find what you love to do

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6 Comments on “Morning Remix (‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ Edition)”

  1. Matt Says:

    Check your Calacanis link man – looks broken.


  2. Matt Says:

    Ohh, whoops – should have clicked first.

    ok, that’s funny stuff

  3. Liz Strauss Says:

    This was a fun and clever remix. Those digg features are fun to look at, but we played with SWARM over at Successful Blog before it went to digg and it sure seemed like you had to be really bored to get any information from watching it. Besides who goes to digg to see what other folks are reading — except the guy who put the story there and the guy who wrote it (the same guy these days usually)?

    Music night was so hot last night. It took down all of the b5 servers. That wasn’t real cause, put it’s the story I’m sticking to. Tell Site Security to watch out if I don’t get my usual prima donna treatment it could happen here too. 🙂

    I like Jason’s new friend — not! Just more noise on the Internet.

  4. howard Says:

    i love smart and calcanis seems luckier than smart but i am just a thousandaiire.

    Everything I try of his sucks and not creative I guess that is my problem. I expect creative to get my respect.

    There is one techmemee and one digg until they really suck.

    The calCANUS reference is classic and creative.

    Calcanis would be cool if THIS WAS HIS IDEA instead of acting like the loudmouth that he comes across as.

    YOU CANT BUY CLASS even with 20 million and cuban as an investor. He is proving you CAN buy a copycat. woooo scary

  5. range Says:

    Yeah, the whole new digg labs thing is interesting but I do think that Calacanis has the right idea about them being sold to Yahoo, that would be the move to do it. He says that within 12 months they will be sold.

    I agree, even if digg is so popular, yahoo is still close to #1 in site visits. For digg to move into the next arena, it will have to be sold. digg yahoo.

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