Thursday Morning Remix (“Impossible” Edition)

How To Write On Water

No $100 Laptops in India

CBS:Your podcast could be making you one million dollars a year.

Latest LisaNova Video

MySpace Going Global

The Technorati Redesign

The YouTube shutoff valve

YouTube: We want to stay independent

Google preps for radio ads

The problem of getting paid on the backend.


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8 Comments on “Thursday Morning Remix (“Impossible” Edition)”

  1. Andy Hagans Says:


    Always trying to lower the bar here 😉 Cuddles, Andy

  2. rafi Says:

    Thanks for posting the video Char.

  3. Ankit Says:

    Thats realy stupid of our (Indian) Government to say no to $100 laptops. The worst thing to quote is that Govt. official thinks, laptops would be nothing more than fancy tools.

    Bad day for India, really sad for it.

  4. range Says:

    Instead of engineering a 100$ laptop, I bet you that you could find loads of used laptops for around 100$. Still, it’s a cool thing.

  5. Liz Strauss Says:

    Not quite seeing the Impossible tie in here. Liked the videos and the Social Networking segmentation chart — I can find use for that. 🙂

    The Indian govt. Didn’t really turn down the computers. They just couldn’t find anyone who had the power to say “yes.” Lots of red tape there.

  6. Ankit

    Great blog – thank Char for linking to this

    Laptops fuel so much creativity tese days that giving them out, teaching networking 2.0 methods and how to use video would save every corporation thousands of dollars over the course of a year

  7. Andy Hagans Says:

    I kind of want a $100 laptop. They look like a cool toy. Hell I might even be willing to pay $200 for a $100 laptop.

  8. wow! i’m astounded on the first pic. how’d you capture that? 🙂 writing in water is such an ordeal for me…like an extraordinary man such as david blaine may do that in a matter of 10 secs. :p

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