You Gotta Love ‘New Hollywood’ (Or Kevin Smith Is Always Open)

Kevin Smith is one of the most interesting filmmakers around.

He is probably more in touch with his audience than any major director in history. Some call him a hypocrite , others call him a genius.

His battle with Reese Withspoon is legendary. (Add Nikki Finke to that list.)

He will be subbing for Roger Ebert on the review show Ebert & Roeper which is interesting since reviewer Joel Siegel loudly walked out of Kevin Smith’s last movie.

Kevin went into his own tirade on his MySpace page about it and then had it out with Siegal on the radio.

You gotta love New Hollywood.

Now I haven’t seen Clerks II. I’ll probably look it up on TorrentSpy and download it later in the week. (Don’t worry, the film costs 5 million to make and took in 10 million it’s first weekend.)

But in true new media fashion. Here’s a YouTube review:


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5 Comments on “You Gotta Love ‘New Hollywood’ (Or Kevin Smith Is Always Open)”

  1. range Says:

    I saw it this weekend.

    I didnt like it as much as the first Clerks. I did like Mallrats, Dogma and Chasing Amy. I do like some of the actors that he helped promote like Jason Lee. In Mallrats, he was incredible.

    Clerks II, it was ok.

  2. VampireFeet Says:

    The movie was nowhere near as good as the first on (or Dogma) but it was a good movie.

    3 stars!

  3. Jeff Marks Says:

    Love Kevin Smith… for sure he’s a modern day godfather of indie film. And he seems like he’d be a cool guy to hang with as well. The problem is his movies, as a whole they kind of suck. Film school wouldn’t have help him make his mark… his brass and brains took care of that…. it just might have made his films better…. ‘cuz his one joke is gettin’ real old. And Jersey Girl SUCKED!

  4. Kevin Smith is, in this bastards opinion, clever. We loved the Clerks annimation, and how he covers a lot of ground to capture his audience. Mall Rats happens to be my favorite, but the new Clerks movie was great to see because it’s cool watching Jay grow up; or not.

    I really hope we haven’t seen the last of Jay, he’s raw, he’s sick, and represents an aspect of America that doesn’ t want to grow up.

    Another indy that I have been excited about is writer and director Troy Duffy, creator of The Bookdock Saints. The Boondock Saints is by far one of the best movies that never got released. I would love to see what Chartueuse has to say about The Boondock Saints, and I would love the review in Video… LOL… After seeing that movie you can’t type words, you have to rant and rave, screaming “Oh Hell Yes!” for the entire world to hear!

    Your Loving Bastard,

    Bastard Driver

  5. brem Says:

    Why can’t he be both hypocrite and a genius?
    geniuses have big egos, don’t they?

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