Wealth Advisor Update


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11 Comments on “Wealth Advisor Update”

  1. I ever expected to see myself in the hartreuse bright lights. Its a wicked trade though.

  2. Sorry about those typos.

  3. VampireFeet Says:

    Waking up to Howard’s face is a bit scary. I would have prefered Beyonce! PLEASE make her a member of your video cast of character!

  4. Charlie D Says:

    I resently started reading this site.
    I think it’s very funny how you have people in the comments put up video on your site. It’s an incredibly great idea from a blog that is full of them.

    I don’t know you but you have “raving fans” which is interesting because your site seems very personal as well. I am learning a lot about blogging by just watching what you do.

  5. Charlie keep watching

    Vampire – my wife says that every morning so sticks and stones. And forget about my morning breath. Consider yourself lucky.

  6. Fraser Says:

    I want to change my paired trade – long wealth advisor and short site security.

  7. Fraser – dont be messing with trades. I am way long site security just keeping an eye on his crazy spending. Guy has nerves of steel. saw him stare a guy down and wet himself.

  8. range Says:

    Char only needs 50mil in order to be comfortably rich, anything beyond that is ludicrous.

  9. Brian Says:

    Just don’t mess with the legal defense fund or the marketing budget Howard. Char’s unique strategy of “lawsuit baiting” is working, but it’s expensive.

  10. candice Says:

    Nice work, yall.

    Range, I dunno. I know I could burn through that kind of money… Consider that Char has ex-wives to pay, too, and if he got that rich he’d probably snag another one who would then divorce him and take a ton of it. 🙂

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