How To Make Lindsay Lohan Less Interesting ( A quick review of ‘The PopCrunch Show” )

This site has a history with David Krug. So when he does something interesting we pay attention.

Today was the (day late) debut of David Krug’s foray into the video media space with “The Pop Crunch Show“.(click to watch)
Now everyone knows I’m a fan of video.

Like strippers and beer, video is easy to get.

It either sucks or it doesn’t.

PopCrunch (episode one) sucks.

Here’s the deal.

The sound is horrid.

The direction is interesting (and shows ZeFrank influence) except for the fact that most of the shots show too much space above the top of the pixie host’s head.

I know everyone has a video camera, but a quick look at how to frame video wouldn’t hurt. Really.

The pictures are kinda dull.

How hard is it to find an interesting picture of Lindsey Lohan?

Oh, and did I say the sound was horrid.

This is not to say all is lost.

The host is annoying enough to be interesting. (God, I HATE that cat!)

The choice of stories are great.

It’s being distributed on the PopCrunch site and YouTube (smart).

And I think the concept is a great idea.

If this site gave out stars in it’s reviews today’s “The PopCrunch Show” would get about 2 out of 5.

But sometimes that’s enough.

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64 Comments on “How To Make Lindsay Lohan Less Interesting ( A quick review of ‘The PopCrunch Show” )”

  1. Dan Zarrella Says:

    if you think that sucked, you should read about the JOAB fiasco…

  2. An audience will forgive a bad picture, never bad sound. Hollywood 101. Dan, please let us read about the fiasco.

  3. Dan Zarrella Says:

    Loren, I tried to post about it on JOAB, but as you can see, now its gone.
    I’ll let ya’ll know when/if I do make a full public statement about it.

  4. David Krug Says:

    I thought for a minute I was going to believe you again. I’m so foolish. You just want to make it a drag out brawl out of all of this. That’s fine do it on your blog. Have fun mate.

  5. David Krug Says:

    Thanks for the tips. I posted this as soon as I got back from camping figured something was better than nothing. As always I love feedback. And you love to give it.

  6. Dan Zarrella Says:

    I think you’ll prove any point I could have wanted to make without my help actually…

  7. range Says:

    host: needs a bit more experience, is a bit dry in the delivery
    content: ok
    production: needs some adjustments.

    Conclusion. like Galacticast and ZeFrank better, but will reserve judgement.

  8. David Krug Says:

    Thanks, I think one of the great things about video shows is the ability to swing a show with a small budget, and adapting over time as the viewers give feedback. That’s what I love. It’s grassroots modification of the show via the viewers.

  9. Mark Says:

    A couple of thoughts here, David

    – Aside from the framing and sound, the color and light balance isn’t consistent

    – You have an interesting background with those multi-colored disks. It also fits the content of your show — use it exclusively and lose the sheers.

    – Timing. Owen Wilson has a moment of humor in his quote when he mentions his “next movie” Hey 19. Not sure if you’re aware of this, but “Hey 19” was one of Steely Dan’s biggest hits. Your host blew by that with no recognition at all.

    – The cat. It looks as though you haven’t decided whether to have your host posed or just being natural in her environment. You should pick one and land on it. The naturally posed thing aint working though.

    – I think Char wrote not too long ago that people succeed when the serious is made light of, and the nonsensical is made to appear important — you should revisit that post because there isn’t anything more nonsensical than celebrity news.

    – Passion. Where is it? I think I read somewhere that you’re doing the celebrity thing because that’s where the interest and the money is (pardon me if I’m taking that out of context). Money and interest go wherever there is passion. Merely regurgitating what we’ve already heard on ET last night is NOT passionate. Bring something new to the table

  10. The video is horrible. What the real story here is what the hell happened to JOAB? Now that would be an interesting video.

  11. David Krug Says:

    The video isn’t horrible. Thanks Mark for the insight. I’m definetly going to be digging into and trying to improve popcrunch the show.

  12. Mark Says:

    Sorta related, but not really. This is the funniest damn thing I have ever seen.

  13. The show IS horrible. You just lift from other peoples styles, throw it together and you think that works? There is talent involved, and you have none. None. You can work on it for the rest of your life and it will always be horrible. You have nothing to say. An artist has to have something to say. You don’t have an original thought, and if you did, you don’t have the talent to express it in any meaningful or interesting manner.

  14. Dan Zarrella Says:

    Loren: I would suggest asking David what the deal is with JOAB.

  15. David Krug Says:

    hmmm. Interesting Loren. No, i can see where you are coming from. See that’s something your missing here Chartreuse has great ideas. He thinks of them. But think about the execution of the deal. LIke his comment on cell phones killing the watch industry. Someone else remixed it. Maybe I can remix, reuse, and rehash, its day one. Calm down or unsubscribe. I never forced anyone to subscribe or watch.

    I’m pretty untalented. But seemingly somehow get by. I actually had no supervision of this project until today. NO joke. I gave the vlogger full reign. I’m not disappointed at all. I was out camping. Fishing. HIking. Enjoying life.

    Being untalented is one of my favorite things in life. The other is getting insulted by Loren Feldman as often as I can. I’m sure it will great meeting you this weekend. I plan to be cordial and friendly and just be myself. I dont force anyone to like me. In fact I think deep down i like it when people dont like me.

  16. Why dont you tell us what happened to JOAB, sounds like you’ve added Dan to the extensive list of people who think you’re a moron.

    As for me, I really enjoy pointing out your weaknesses. Why you ask? When I started blogging seriously I used to read JOAB and how mean you were to people. I thought what a bully asshole. Where I come from the way you handle a bully is to call him out, and then beat the shit out of him. They usually are big pussies once you call them out.

    You say deep down you like it when people don’t like you. You know why? Because deep down you know you are worthless, and do not deserve to be liked.

    Guess that whole snarky cowboy thing didn’t work out so well.

    So tell us, what did happen with JOAB, Dan doesn’t seem to mind you talking about it.

  17. LeaderNotes Says:

    Chartreuse Discovering Katrina

    There is some good stuff going around the web today. I offer my support and encouragement to Chartreuse, an independent blogger that has thrown out an innovative idea that captures the power of new media and citizen journalism. I often…

  18. David Krug Says:

    Im far from worthless. But thanks dude. People like you keep me motivated. I quit publicizing what I’m working on cuz well everything morphs into something new. Something better. I’ve produced a lot of good stuff. Under the radar.

    Maybe I’m a moron. But I’m still a business man. And business needs to be done. Life isn’t a joyride all the time. I’m perfectly fine with you bashing me. It’s only fair that’s what Joab was all about. Best shit is that was a persona. In really life I’m a bit more laid back. In real life you are more like Cowboy, feel its important to bash people all the time. Atleast that’s the way you portray.

    I like what you have going on over at 1938 but dont screw it up. Maintain a sense of yourself and quit being so obsessed with me. Look at the big picture. I am pretty small in the big picture. Lately you seem all to focussed on me.

    I have no reach. Get obsessed with bigger fish.

  19. Dude you are a flea on some dogs ass. Don’t flatter yourself with that bullshit about me being obsessed with you. I had to comment on the sheer stupidity of your latest venture. Everything you touch turns to shit and you alienate all you come into contact with. How’s tenfootsquare?

    The game is up for you.

  20. Brian Says:

    Yikes, it’s like a war zone in here. Site security!

    Whoops, never mind.

  21. Minic Rivera Says:

    Good thing I will not be in SF to witness the WordWar 🙂

  22. Brian,

    Relax I’m on it. All under control. I’ve gotten them to stop it.

  23. Vince Chan Says:

    Sigh.. I missed the show again!

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  25. Video is the easiest form of media. A video blog post or online video show is so extremely easy to produce, anyone can do it. I think we have all told a good story to a group of friends, or invented a cool scene for a hypothetical film, or done a skit in grade school or Sunday school.

    Video is the most undemanding art form in existence. A piece of cake, man.

    It’s easy and simple to get the sound volume levels right, to frame the action or speakers right, to get the lighting right.

    I am not bragging, nor do I produce 100% perfect videos each and every time, but I can teach anyone all they need to know about videocasting and CEO vlogging in particular.

    Like I said, it’s easy. Not hard. No excuse for horrible failures.

  26. Matt Says:

    Was this comment thread about the video or about someone’s grudge?

    Sure looks more like the latter and less and less like the former.


  27. Don’t get your soiled panties in a bunch Matt. Loser.

  28. chartreuse Says:


    No losers read this blog. Really.

  29. dan zarrella Says:

    Matt, a grudge? That’s silly, we don’t even know what this “grudge” is about.

  30. jeff marks Says:

    if it was so easy… everyone would do it.

  31. Easiness vs. difficulty is not the determining factor of whether anyone does it or not.

    It’s easy to make computer music, but you have to have a sense of melody, rhythm, etc.

    It’s easy to write blog posts, but first you have to have expertise, anecdotes, humor, passion, enthusiasm, dedication.

    Jeff, I bet you could buy a cheap webcam, and grab some gal from a local tavern, and do a decent MoBuzzTV imitation without much trouble.

  32. Check out the Wall Street Journal’s new list of amateur New Media Moguls, and notice how Brookers has dominated her little niche.

  33. range Says:

    I guess everybody’s at WordCamp. Oh well, see you there next year.

  34. Will somebody get beat up at WordCamp? Wait and see. Those who are clued in know what I refer to. Heh.

  35. Mr Angry Says:

    If it was so everybody would do it… dude have you stumbled across YouTube? Everyone *is* doing it. No matter how bad an idea it is in many cases.

  36. […] Apparently there’s some sort of controversy with another site that David sold, but all I can say is that my experience with the guy was top notch. […]

  37. What a Load of Shit by Guess Who ……

    Krug, that totally untalented and inept mental midget has a new venture going (another one???).
    Check it out, but don’t laugh … feel sorry for the focker. Really. It’s a videoblog (like Rocketboom/ZeFrank – does he have any original i…

  38. David Says:

    This whole thing has gone way past the point of rediculous. If I had owned this blog, I would have closed or moderated these comments long ago, as they only make the blog owner look bad…

  39. Ha ha ha. What comes around goes around. Hey Krug, does “web wide war” ring any bells? You banned me from JOAB after I quit, then you lied and said you fired me from your piss poor Non Blog.

    Eat yourself, buddy boy.

    Mindbots have been dispatched.

  40. Krug likes to shut down comments and ban users from his sites. Asshat.

  41. They make Krug look bad, not Chartreuse. This is called Democracy.

  42. David Krug Says:

    Vaspers that wasnt me. That was a different David.

  43. David Says:

    Yeah, that was me… And I think vaspers could use a good banning… His comments, are just fighting words, to try to stir things up. I came here to comment because I think that this post should have been about the video, not anything else, and that David Krug is getting an unfair deal out of this whole thing, and is nearing slander.

    Rediculous… I know that I for one, won’t be coming back any time soon if Chartreuse can’t sort out some comment spam…

  44. David Krug Says:

    Thanks David. By the way Vaspers a correction of facts. I fired you for telling people to click on ads. I think even Matt @ Blogmedia can back me up on that.

  45. Dan Zarrella Says:

    woah, where is it “nearing slander”? In fact I think what *is* telling is the lack of any real statements.

  46. Yet another lie.

    I printed out all the posts at JOAB while I was there, and I have my “Thanks for the Memories” post where I quit, and then the next day Krug writes a lying post about how he fired me.

    If Krug deleted my I quit post, I’m sure the Way Back Machine at Internet Archives probably will substantiate what I claim.

    I won’t argue with a con artist and non-payer. The topic of this thread, as Charttreuse began it is: Krug’s lousy video site PopCrunch. Other relevant issues have surfaced.

  47. David Krug Says:

    I actually deleted the post where you asked readers to click on the ads Vaspers. Besides we had no financial agreement. Zero you wanted to do the site for publicity. Whatever dude. Jump on the controversy bandwagon. I had no terms whatsoever to pay you above what I said whatever the site makes during the time you were there. The site made nothing. In fact asking readers to click ads is a violation of google and put that site and many others at risk for cancellation of their stream of income.

  48. Brian Says:

    Alright kids, everyone out of the pool.


  49. David Krug Says:

    Thanks Brian I think I pissed in the pool a few times it was starting to smell bad.

  50. If my post “Thanks for the memories” is still on JOAB, anyone can see that I quit, and that Krug posted the next day the lie that he “fired” me. I emphasize this to show exactly what Krug is.

    I don’t have to jump on any controversy bandwagons, I make my own controversies confronting liars and con artists like Krug and Matt.

  51. David No Last Name: “comment spam” is irrelevant remarks with links to commercial sites. Figures you don’t know trolling from strolling.

  52. NOt to beat a dead horse, but Krug is a source of Cascading Lie Sheets. First he says a lie about me being “fired”, then he claims that asking blog readers to click on ads is a way to jeopardize “income streams”, but he just confessed he had NO income stream from JOAB.

    I rest my case. I”m done with this thread.

    Thanks Chartreuse, for tolerating a little healthy debate on your blog.

  53. Oh, I couldn’t let this parting shot go unfired. I beg your patience here.

    This is how David Krug handles dissent, debate, and discussion, in his conversation with Dan over at The Celebrity Cowboy:


    I’m turning off comments and letting this issue die here.


    That’s how liars and cowards react to truth.

  54. David Krug Says:

    I actually just said i was moderating comments Vaspers. Not turning them off. Travel day required that.

  55. Dan Zarrella Says:

    I know this is splitting hairs and all, but you *did* say you were turning them off.
    I got payment btw David. thanks.

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  57. by_golge Says:

    love lindsey lohan!!!too

  58. jorden Says:

    linsey u r u ever
    think about diying ur hair
    BLACK :]

  59. hottie Says:

    hey there people i dont understand what all the fighting is about and u should all leave david alone he speaks his mind which i happen to like so why dont u all back off id certainly appreciate it

  60. John Parish Says:

    Hey Lindsay. I think you are one of the most beautiful women that has ever been born. However, I think that your self-abuse is starting to show. Your face is changing, like some of the old barfly women in the clubs I have played in over the years. Please find a way to stop the chemical self-abuse before you do permanent damage to yourself and your INCREDIBLE beauty. I know it is difficult, and I understand your pain and how it must be buried for awhile under a mountain of drugs and alcohol, having been there myself. But PLEASE, do your best to not harm yourself any further. PEACE John

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