New Media That Matters II (Or How Upside Down Media Works)

Sometimes getting things done only requires that you ask.

I’ve gotten tons email from people wanting to volunteer to report on what’s happening on our nations Gulf Coast after Katrina. The two people haven’t been chosen yet.

If you are interested keep the following in mind:

This will happen fast. I plan on sending our volunteer reporters down to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast within the next five to ten days.

If you want to be considered just send an email saying why.

It is not necessary to send a resume. This is upside down journalism.

I’m looking for passion more than video skills. If you care about something it will show in what you do. So just tell me why you care.

I’ve gotten several emails from people on the Gulf Coast telling me where the ‘story” really is in the region. All of that will be passed on to our reporters.

This is some new stuff for most of us so any ideas anyone has are appreciated.

Just post them in the comments or email me.

Some major websites and people are getting involved in our experiment.

The Blog Herald has given cash and will do a podcast with our reporters.

Know More Media has given cash have even more opportunities for the reporters.

The Blogging Times, Rahim Sonawalla and Andy Hagans are also producers for this project.

And most importantly, Candice Quates will be taking our reporters to some bars to meet some locals and will cover the tab.

Many bloggers, Video bloggers and regular folks, some with very high profile, have asked how they can get involved.

Besides talking about it, lets get creative.

It’s not too late to get involved. Volunteer your money, time or skills to the experiment. Any extra money will given to charities in the region (decided by you, the readers).

Just shoot me an email with your ideas.

I’m still waiting for some cool person to design us a t-shirt.

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10 Comments on “New Media That Matters II (Or How Upside Down Media Works)”

  1. While I pity those whose lives are devastated, look at all the scams and crimes going on down there in the Gulf Coast areas hit by Katrina.

    I think it’s crazy to “rebuild” in the path of violent Gulf storms, which are predicted to get worse and worse. This is an animalistic territorialism and tradition raising its delusional head. “Our home is New Orleans” is like saying “Our home is Pompeii” or whatever.

    Build a house on the sand, it gets washed away. Build on rock, it’s stable. As some smart ancient guy once said.

    My uncle lives in Tornado Alley in Texas, with no basement. This kind of reckless settling is bizarre.

    What are these people thinking? The media frenzy over New Orleans and FEMA mistackes is driving me to drink Four the absinthe beer.

  2. Start Spreading the News…

    Chartreuse–our blogging friend who built a reputation by talking about what’s happening in media–has just decided to make something happen in media. In a dramatic post this morning, he decided to send new media journalists straight into the reconst…

  3. Andy H Says:

    For anyone doubting my skillz as a producer, please see:

    [you may want to fast forward through the initial credits, they’re about a minute long]

    …. ahh, college….

  4. candice Says:

    You can buy the ‘fuckatrina’ shirts in this post from

    (I believe they are on sale, too.)

  5. AListReview Says:

    Let’s Find Out The Truth About New Orleans

    Chatreuse (Beta) is asking for two volunteers who will leave in the next 5-10 days and uncover the truth about what is going on in the hurricane ravage New Orleans area.  How bad are the FEMA camps?  Are residents being…

  6. range Says:

    Can’t wait to see the results, this is going to be really interesting.

  7. going2hell Says:

    I wanna go, but if a friend abandons me, is he still a friend or just an acquaintance or either. I don’t know, I’ll figure that out eventually. Thank you Chartreuse and all of the people who want to help cover the tab, for giving many people in many different situations this opportunity to get their opinions out there and heard by millions.

    ‘Don’t read legal documents, they only make you stupid and confused.’

  8. Jessica Doyle Says:

    Just sent off an email to you chartreuse 🙂

  9. rtryurhs5 Says:

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

  10. […] A few weeks ago, Chartreuse initiated a call for several bloggers to go down to the bayou to do some ground-level investigative reporting in New Orleans. Mishikea Brathwaite, Travis Campbell, Loren Feldman and Candice Quates are the folks. […]

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