How All This New Media Stuff Is Going To Make You Famous And Rich (Or A Happy Ending Is Just A Story That Isn’t Finished Yet)

I want to continue a conversation started by Noah Brier.

I find it interesting that a lot of people seem to think that the success of social networks has to do with connecting people.

Connecting people is cool but despite what everyone says that’s not why masses of people flock to Tagworld.

They really just want to be famous.

No one makes a MySpace page for themselves.

They make them for others.

They want attention.

Pay attention to me and I’ll pay attention to you.


I’m working on a series of viral ads for a company called LifeLock.

Above is just the rough cut but what makes it interesting to me, (why I think it’s good) is that it provides attention for MySpacers, Diggers, YouTubers, etc. (which is why people join that stuff in the first place) and it creates trust in a company you never heard of.

Each ‘ad’ will list links to the pages of the individuals in the ads and one to a page explaining what Lifelock is.

Oh, and anyone can make a Lifelock ad and get paid for it.

I’m not the only one thinking like this.

Smart companies are thinking about how to exploit all the power of all these individuals to sell shit. Smarter companies are being set up to bridge that gap between individuals and the companies that need them.

This Army of One shit is real.

Everyone really is Terrell Owens.

The next New York Times is some guy in the suburbs of New Jersey.

The next Entertainment Tonight is led by some blond named Brooke.

The next Chappelle Show is being made by some white kids in the suburbs.

The next CNN will be annouced later today.

And the next Enron may be the guy next door.

[if you want to be in our series of Lifelock ads email me]


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21 Comments on “How All This New Media Stuff Is Going To Make You Famous And Rich (Or A Happy Ending Is Just A Story That Isn’t Finished Yet)”

  1. lorbus Says:

    It’s the first time in history that the talentless have a go at being famous.
    No special skills are required, and you can hit that 15 minutes of fame lottery anytime…

    Like you say, we are all in it for the fame;
    I know I am. I just haven’t figured out how to yet.
    But I know it’ll involve video.

    Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. Luke Ledesma Says:

    Jason Calacanis posted this in his blog: “it’s crazy to think that people could be paid to do a job and do it with integrity–that’s just crazy talk.”

    It’s like saying that the 10 Navigators he hired are without integrity. This also follows that the content that these 10 Navigators are without integrity as well. So, why even bother read content at Netscape?

  3. Liz Strauss Says:

    It’s beautiful. Find the people who have ego strength, enthusiasm, and the drive to get the job done, and we’ll teach them the rest. I used that model to hire entry level positions for years. Everyone said I had the best people and kept stealing them once they had a wisp of experience.

    What fun! If I had a camera I’d be emailing you now!

  4. Brian Says:

    >>Jason Calacanis posted this in his blog: “it’s crazy to think that people could be paid to do a job and do it with integrity–that’s just crazy talk.”

    That’s sarcasm Luke. Those little emoticon smileys he put next to the statement are your first clue.

  5. Stephanie Wilson Says:

    I love the LifeLock idea! Let us do something! That’s also why I like this site. It’s exciting and the readers are involved.

    Those young men making those videos are very very funny. That is a great find.

  6. I am biased but I like the Lifelock idea. Char, the most important thing is still to have a good product or your heart or the hearts of the army selling it in this world of attention and trust will not be in it.

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Good point.

    You won’t get the attention and the trust without having something special to say/show. So the content creator moves higher on the food chain.
    A perfect example is what you did with GolfNow. Using the YouTube kid and getting him involved is a great way to expand your brand and your audience.

    And Liz, grab a camera from the kid next door!

  8. Boss, per your request, Mr. Brier has been given keys for full access to the site except for your private john, and “The Secret Room”.

  9. Char,

    Cool it. Posts like this just mean more money flowing in to manage.

    Enuf. Take a break.

    That said. We are buying adobe and some other tech stocks. The market dudes hate them.

  10. chartreuse Says:

    Bad hair. Beady eyes. Big mouth.
    Noah should do well here. 🙂

    And “The Secret Room” is never to be mentioned, hence it being called “The Secret Room”.

  11. Claudia Bermudez Says:

    The reason people want fame is because its scarce. Nothing else is.

  12. Secret room

    secret room

    secret room

  13. mahesh Says:

    More about the Calacanis offer to attract social bookmarkers to Netscape.

  14. range Says:

    Secret Room!
    Cubicle Wars 2006 was hilarious!
    Loved it!

    Didn’t like that blonde chick on moqivo though, but hey, what do I know?

  15. chartreuse Says:

    The fact you didn’t like her proves that she’s just like Mary Hart!

  16. See you and site security in San Fran

    Long YouTube.

  17. abbo Says:

    masses of people don’t flock to tagworld.

  18. Noah Brier Says:

    I thought the private john was part of my deal. I’m having second thoughts . . .

  19. Dieter Kiefer defined My Space and all these other loser social media sites quite well:

    poor kids pushing their music at other poor kids and nobody’s buying anything.

  20. chartreuse Says:

    I keep the private John., beady eyes or not! 🙂

  21. nick Says:

    of course it’s gonna make me rich. and famous too.

    in fact i am already

    but don’t trust my word. click this. you know you want to

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