First things first. A big thank you to the readers of this blog who went out of their way to make this experiment in citizen journalism happen. Money, link-love, advice,opinions and webspace is what makes the world move and I appreciate it.

And thanks to everyone who wanted to go. In person and in spirit.

The three people will be meeting in New Orleans on Friday August 11.

There is a Thrifty rental car reserved for them at the Airport.

They will be staying at the Avenue Garden Hotel on St.Charles Ave. in the Garden District of the city. (One of the main reasons I chose it is because of Internet Access. High Speed is not available in some of the hotels I checked.)

Though they will be mostly on their own there are already interviews set up with people in a 150 mile range. These are people who supposedly have first hand knowledge of some of the atrocities mentioned in the email I received.(They will have to do some travelling but this isn’t a vacation.)

The point of this trip is to find out the truth. And to give us a first hand view of what’s happening in the city and the outlying areas.

Now if you read some of the comments over the last few days you know some people think this is a waste of time.

But I think there are many reasons why the real story of what’s going on has not come out.

The main one being that politicians and those with a vested interest in the city want to make sure tourists keep coming.

And no matter how great the Times-Picayune has become politicians have some say so over big media.

But like I said. We’ll see what our adventurers find.

Here they are:

Mishikea Brathwaite: From Los Angeles, Calf.

Travis Campbell: A New Orleans native who now lives in San Francisco, California

Loren Feldman: From New York, New York

And aiding them on the ground in New Orleans will be Candice Quates.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s more than 2 people. That means more coverage and more interviews. It also means I can have my Site Security protecting our crew.

I would tell you more about them but they are going to be doing interviews with The Blog Herald, Know More Media and The Blogging Times. Check out those sites over the next few days to find out more about them.

They will also be doing some blogging and other cool new media stuff.

You can check the information out at the sites mntioned above and at New Orleans Now.

But the focus is on getting the story and getting the truth.

Thanks to the producers who helped me get this off the ground.

We’ll see how it turns out.

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37 Comments on “TEAM NEW ORLEANS”

  1. Jeremy Barry Says:

    No wonder I didn’t get picked, they are all beautiful! 🙂

    Good Luck Guys and Girls!

  2. Lisa Franks Says:

    I think what you are doing is very special. Just the fact we live in a time where such things are possible is beyond words. I pray for the people of New Orleans and the team you are sending.

  3. range Says:

    This is a good team, can’t wait to see the reports.

  4. May you seek the truth that has perhaps been shrouded. I wish safe travels to the three of you and look forward to learning what you find to be is happening in New Orleans.

  5. I’ll help however I can, by covering this from Know More Media’s vantage point. I really hope some good comes of this – and that the greatest good done will not be teaching others about new media (although that’s a great thing), but rather actually improving the situation in that geographical area. Let’s all pitch in with our best efforts.

  6. Robert Bruce Says:

    Right on.

    Go get it.

  7. Feldman cracks me up – where did he dig up that headshot.

  8. Liz Strauss Says:

    I’m with Robert. Best of luck to the team!!

  9. What a great place for conversation. What a sweet effort. Safe journeys

  10. Liz Strauss Says:

    My trackbacks aren’t working. Just wanted you to know, I’m behind you in print too.

    Chartreuse Has Picked His New Orleans Team

  11. I totally support what you’re doing, though I am critical of the media feeding frenzy, and the mayor of New Orleans, etc.

    Just don’t want anyone misinterpreting my earlier statements. I think they need to relocate, not rebuild, but what your team is doing is fantastic.

    Way to go.

  12. shii Says:

    I hope you guys make a great film out of this! This’ll be the first time the new media actually breaks a story the old media have utterly failed to report on.

  13. jeff marks Says:

    speaking of staying away from old media sources…. check out some of the ‘democracy now’ coverage… great place to look stories & leads that are not getting told by the corporate u.s. media… ALSO, in other katrina related business… look out for spike lee’s 2 part katrina doc ‘when the levees broke’ airing on hbo aug. 21 at 9pm. spike’s gonna bring it strong like he did in ‘4 little girls’!

  14. wetbankguy Says:

    You should plan to come in time for the NOLA Bloggers Rising Tide conference at the end of August.

    Mark Folse
    Rising Tide:

  15. […] Here’s the team that will be visiting New Orleans this weekend: […]

  16. This Isn’t a Vacation

    Yesterday, Chartreuse announced Team New Orleans, a group of site-sponsored citizen journalists who will examine the Gulf Coast reconstruction. Mishikea Brathwait, Travis Campbell, Loren Feldman, and Candice Quates. will be working together on the repo…

  17. […] Chartreuse coming from New Orleans. […]

  18. AndrewE Says:

    A solid and noble initiative and I’m glad to see someone using web ads towards a positive venture.

    Chapeau monsieur Chartreuse!

    I wrote about blogging and participatory journalism a while back in April, following an article that ran in the Uk’s Guardian Newspaper. If you’re at all interested you can find my pose here:

    Good luck to the New Orleans Team.

    Who knows if the expriement prooves to be a success there may be scope to send people to Lebanon to see the truth that’s being withheld there.

  19. I really want to hear this story from citizen journalists. The stories that come out of this venture should be awesome and touch the hidden core of what is truly going on in the big easy.

    Now that all the hype is over, the truth should come out that can show us all what is happening and what can be done to remedy it.

  20. Damit Says:

    Wow! good for you guys. Much support from Nor Cal. Will let my friends know.

  21. Kristine Says:

    Hooray! Get the grist, the gripes and any gratuitous stories available. I wish, truly, that it were me going. se la. vee.

  22. Ray Says:

    Those of you who are interested in “finding out the situation on the ground” might be interested in the over 100 New Orleans bloggers who have been covering this disaster for the past year, some since before the storm made landfall:

    We welcome the help from the newcomers at the Blog Herald. You’ll like it down here, and we’re all ready to help and get you up to speed.

  23. blogometer Says:

    Hey Ray. We should also tell them about Ray in New Orleans. He’s one of my favorite bloggers. You can get to know all of us from Ray’s sidebar. My sidebar sucks, but I’m going to change that is a big way, now that I see that there is a real need to link in.

    Here’s Ray’s web site. It’s awesome.

    Look, we’re real people. And we’re not crying from the very recent destruction of our city. No. That photo above was taken last year and is very inappropriate in this context. You see, that woman has moved on. It might be difficult, but she’s not at that same exact spot. I’m sure of it. Because, it hurt everyone so much in that first week. It would be hard to hurt the same way a year on. That’s why it’s rude to use that photograph to promote this trip.

    There are plenty of neighborhoods that have recovered, and there will be many more when the federal funds are released in the coming months. We are all working hard rebuilding our schools, planning our neighborhoods, and we have a huge, huge issue of repopulation, but we do want to bring everyone back.

    It’s sad to have so many people outside of New Orleans. We have a culture, and aspects of that culture need our schools and daily life to perpetuate. In New Orleans high-schools, the band is cooler than the football team. That’s why we have great music. I’m learning so much from volunteering at WWOZ. You can go there and listen to jazz. Yet, a lot of our musicians are only playing because they drive in from a city like Houston, one in which they can afford to live.

    There are a lot of great New Orleans bloggers. Check out …

    You can see us at a party!


    I’m actually working helping people learn how to use blogs to communicate with their neighborhoods. You can learn about me at my web site, and if you want to help a new community learn how use Web 2.0 technology to organize, you can contact me. You could be a blogging buddy. We’d like to get more and more voices sharing information.

    Stop by, I’ll link you off to some other New Orleans bloggers, and they can link you off to still more.

    If you want to donate money directly to a good cause, there’s plenty to choose from. I like Father Luke of New Orleans East, and Catholic Charities, and MercyCorp is pretty good too, they have very low overhead, almost all their money goes into resources. Oxfam is doing good work in the surrounding parishes.

    We’re having a conference too, look, Ray linked to it above.

  24. Editor B Says:

    Actually, the Times-Picayune has kind of returned to its old level of suckiness lately.

    I wish the team best of luck; let me know if I can help. Getting to the truth can be kind of tricky. I often feel I don’t know what’s going on here in New Orleans anymore. I feel like a little worm trying to assess the state of the apple.

  25. Maitri Says:


    What is at the bottom of things here, the real STORY here is that We Are Not Ok. According to today’s, 82% of the nation realizes this and will keep us in their thoughts and prayers, but that’s not what New Orleans needs.

    It requires dedicated individuals who are willing to move here to lift this city to new heights. If you really care about what’s going on in New Orleans, four people with blogs reporting from here over a week or so isn’t going to do anything when there are scores of us doing just that LOCALLY everyday. Your care will come from helping with the physical and emotional advocacy this city needs.

    Any press is not a bad thing, but I hope something new comes out of this. I live right by the hotel where your bloggers are staying. Let’s get in touch and we’ll have a good time with all of the local citizen journalists.

  26. […] Chartreuse recently announced that Travis Campbell is part of the team that he is sending to New Orleans. […]

  27. Mallory Says:

    Coming from someone who has lived in New Orleans for the past 5 years or so, but is originally from Gulfport, Mississippi (and rode out Katrina there), while you guys are down, you should really take a trip over to the Coast, drive down the beach, and compare the destruction over there with the destruction here and in the surrounding parishes. Storm surge and the power of mother nature makes for a eerily different kind of destruction than does man-made levee failure and flooding.

    The entire Gulf Coast region affected by Katrina needs to remain in the public’s eyes and ears, not only NOLA.

  28. a life blog Says:

    […] I am scheduled to leave for New Orleans on Thursday and this is what i wake up to on my “new” Macbook. […]

  29. Char, I’m doing my best to help people understand clearly what Know More Media is doing with Shoot me an email if you’ve got any ideas we can discuss on that topic. I’m happy to be in a position to do some good in the real world by way of publishing good information online.

    See the comments I’ve been making lately at Just so everyone knows what I’ve been saying lately around the Web.

  30. a life blog Says:

    […] This is great to take with me on my trip home to New Orleans. […]

  31. electrica Says:

    A New Orleans blogger told me, via email, that they want to focus on the HOW of rebuilding New Orleans, not the WHY.

    The WHY is far more important than, and negates the HOW. There is no WHY. There is no reason to rebuild. All the money devoted to that will be wasted, as the future Katrinas batter the area and kill people again. And again.


  32. Electrica, I’ve recently met quite a few folks from New Orleans who would disagree very strongly with you when you say that “there is no reason to rebuild” areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina. A deep love for home is reason enough in the minds of many. The only reason I see you saying *not* to rebuild is that you think money spent on rebuilding will be wasted the moment another devastating hurricane strikes. I disagree. If rebuilding money is spent well, and good preparations are made against future storms, then homes and businesses and infrastructure should be able to withstand a Katrina-grade hurricane much better next time, with far less damage and expense resulting.

  33. UpTownGirl Says:

    So spend a weekend here and you know everything that’s right, wrong, dumb, stupid or smart. Hmmm. I live here. Pre and Post K. You want to do a service to the readers of your blog, send them to read Real New Orleans Bloggers. People that live this New Frontier 24/7. Have your readers ask them The Truth about New Orleans, because I believe yours is slanted, oh so very slanted. Thanks for vacationing here and spending your money, gawd knows we need it. As for the truth, well that all depends, so far your truths differ far from any truths my friends and family in New Orleans have.

  34. UpTownGirl, why did you say the exact same thing here, word for word, that you did at NewOrleansTruth?
    I answered your comment at that post.

  35. […] No. In all the blogs belonging to these folks, I have yet to find one that really talks about a Nola (that’s shorthand for the New Orleans area, all y’all who don’t know) blogger’s blogsite. (For that matter only two- Chartreuse and 1938Media- seem to be actual real bloggers; the others: recruited for the cause, I’m guessing?) There are now links to some Nola bloggers at, but only after it was pointed out loudly and voluminously that this was a Gaping Omission in a site theoretically devoted to the Truth. […]

  36. I had to pop in and post a comment . Your post caught my eye So i figured I would post a message to you and say nice work on a decent blog. Keep up the good work.

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