Friday Remix (The Ari Gold Edition)

So it’s a travel day for me.

Headed to San Fran for WordCamp. I hope to see you there! Also all the folks who are traveling to New Orleans next weekend (except for Candice) will be there as well. Be nice to them!

Here’s a quick remix of links you may have missed:

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Vapor Millionaire

Know More Media, home of a some of the best bloggers hits one million visitors.

The good deeds continue. The Official Chartreuse (beta) poet is sending his wife to Romania. Really.

I don’t think I’m getting my Mavericks tickets.

Eggs that tell you when they are boiled.

Scoble disses my friends then changes his mind.

I’m a big Ari Gold fan. Seems like others are,too. Here’s a ten minute homage to the best Ari Gold Lines.


Everything I missed.

Oh, and speaking of Ari Gold, Howard Lindzon and I have purchased a peice of the uber-cool website The Blogging Times. Minic is still the editor, Howard is adding some finacial wizardry and I plan on bringing in some hot chicks…

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20 Comments on “Friday Remix (The Ari Gold Edition)”

  1. Robert Bruce Says:

    GREAT news on The Blogging Times partnership. Just don’t monkey with Minic’s swing 😉

    Have fun in SF, all you crazies. I expect some good stories upon return your return…

  2. Who approved this? I am confiscating your checkbook 🙂

    Also – I wish I was associated with Ari Gold more often as a segway 🙂

  3. Call me when you get into town. MY cell is on a similar entry at Technosailor. I’m staying downtown.

  4. range Says:

    Ari Gold rules!
    Have fun and report on WordCamp

  5. Roy T Says:

    Love Ari Gold…

  6. […] It’s hot! Freakin’ hot. Literally and figuratively. The heat is punishing. The situation around the world is brutal. Even the announcement of Chartreuse and Howard Lindzon buying a piece of The Blogging Times is hot. […]

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  8. […] SideNotesChartreuse and Howard Lindzon buys a piece of The Blogging TimesWe are pleased to welcome Chartreuse and Howard Lindzon to The Blogging Times. (August 4th 2006) […]

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