My WordCamp Diary (Saturday, 1:20 AM)

Spent pre-WordCamp (Friday) on a 7 hour flight from Tampa (felt like 10).

Arrived at 11:53 p.m.

Video Ipod died at 7:43 p.m.

Missed the Kickoff Party.

Staying at my cousin’s house in Fairfield.

Found Site Security snoring in the room next to mine. Jeez…how did he get here before me?

The house costs one point nine million.

No pool.

Only in California…

(I’m on at 10am. Somebody show up, please, and let’s have some fun talking about writing some compelling shit.)

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9 Comments on “My WordCamp Diary (Saturday, 1:20 AM)”

  1. David Krug Says:

    I still havent made up my mind which events I’m going to. But there is a likelyhood I will be attending yours.

  2. Jessica Doyle Says:

    If I were their i would be present to listen to the shit however, financially I could not swing it right down to the last minute 😦

    Good luck 😉 and no pool for that price! Sounds very similar to the Vancouver housing market.

  3. Mark Jaquith Says:

    Sorry you couldn’t make it to the kickoff party… it was a blast. I just got back about an hour ago. I also came in from Tampa, but on Thursday. Longest day ever… I calculated it out, and ignoring the hour or two of unsatisfying nap time I got on the flight, I was up for 40 hours. I was physically tired, but mentally excited, so I didn’t really feel exhausted until my head hit the pillow.

    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. I’m leading a discussion on alternative (non-blog) uses for WordPress and co-leading a discussion on crafting high performance WordPress environments.

  4. […] Niall Kennedy organized a kick-off party for WordCamp last night at Taylors Automatic Refresher. Check Flickr for photos. The Blogging Times’ Chartreuse and Howard Lindzon are both attending today’s conference, as well. […]

  5. R Says:

    Fairfield = CP Time arrival for you Beta…

  6. range Says:

    Yeah, hope everything turns out great!

  7. Jenn Says:

    Four words about the picture. Yum Girl. Ewww Chlorine.

  8. brem Says:

    hmmmmmm who are these girls? phone number? hehe

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