WordCamp Diary (Saturday 11am)

I made it about 10 minutes before my session started.

The high point of my presentation was that a cute chick came on stage and handed me a card.

The low point was her number wasn’t on it.

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11 Comments on “WordCamp Diary (Saturday 11am)”

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  2. meettravis Says:

    she was cute, and it was compelling

  3. Jenn Says:

    She was cute and had guts. But the real reason I am posting is I want to thank you for an interesting session. I really enjoyed it even if you did get there only 10 before. It still was compelling. And thank you for saying hello to my roommate and me just before we left.

  4. ayumi Says:

    “It’s all about ‘them!” I feel like I’ve been tickled from the inside that you’ve made me a part of ‘them’. Thank you for your presentation, it was intriguing.

  5. I just wanted to thank you for an interesting session. You dig good in bringing up a lot of areas.

    FYI – I was the guy on the balcony that sorta thought that blogs are there to start conversations.. .(maybe not always in that blog).

  6. john dunham Says:

    Great talk–particularly so in generating audience engagement & participation. Great live example of your philosophy of what a blog should / can do. Who was your shade-decked silent partner on stage?

  7. chartreuse Says:

    That was my site security guy.

  8. Mark Jaquith Says:

    Is he also your personal security guy? Does he stave off the throngs of rabid, numberless-business-card-bearing women?

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  10. […] Create controversy. Chartreuse posted a ton of photos of the (very few) women at the conference, and they’re pissed! Mainly, me! Does that I’m more of a whore for an audience? Perhaps! Lauren’s flickr stream was supposed to be just dopey fun, and now it’s on this weird chicks list. Oh well. I’m like 50% happy with the photos so I guess the glass is half full. […]

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