The Women Of WordCamp 2006 (Or “The Author Of This Blog Went To WordCamp And All He Bought Back Were Pictures Of Chicks”)

One of things that surprised me were how many women showed up to WordCamp.

 A Picture Of Anna

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78 Comments on “The Women Of WordCamp 2006 (Or “The Author Of This Blog Went To WordCamp And All He Bought Back Were Pictures Of Chicks”)”

  1. Elea Says:

    Hmm. Where are the photo credits?

  2. Elea Says:

    Never mind, I didn’t realize some of the photos were clickable, because I’m a dork. I’m going to assume that the ones that are not were yours.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Elea, you should really be nicer to me.

  4. Lauren Says:

    Holy crap! There were like, 20 women there! It was flooded! Wait…dude, there were only 20 women there. That’s not very many last I checked.

  5. chartreuse Says:

    Lauren, calm down. I am not going to tell your girlfriend anything.

  6. Cyphase Says:

    Oh yea, you were the one talking to the microformats girl..

  7. rafi Says:

    Ha, I know Glenda from the 2nd picture. We did an impromptu poetry reading in an Albany Dunkin Donuts in 1994.

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  9. Here’s me dancing for Elea. Capture it on camera quick before I’m done. Ah nevermind.

    Char, was wondering when you were going to say something about WordCamp. I gotta go with Lauren here – the venue was sorely lacking in chicks. But that’s okay! There were enough even if it was a 20:1 ratio. 🙂


  10. chartreuse Says:


    That’s what gentlemen sometimes miss. It’s not quantity but quality. I talked to a lot of really smart girls. Smart enough to stay the fuck away from me! 🙂

  11. candice Says:

    That’s still a better ratio than a lot of technology-related conferences.

    I’m not sure whether it would beat defcon and it’s groupie contingent but hey.

  12. David Krug Says:

    That pic of Bonny was a great one btw.

  13. anna Says:

    Yet, and even though I told Char not to take a photo of me, lo and behold here is one. Thanks, or, thanks no thanks. I didn’t want a photo of me as a “chick at wordcamp”- unless, of course, I’m goign to get some $$ that you earn on this site via ads… and did you ASK any of us if we wanted to be on the site? Methinks not.

  14. rafi Says:

    celebrities dont have to be asked if they’re in a public place

    i hear bloggers are the new celebrities so….

  15. chartreuse Says:

    First of all anna:

    There are no ads on my site.

    And if you told me not to take your picture, I didn’t. But obviously you let someone take your picture (cuz th ones I didn’t take I got from Flickr).

    And I didn’t call you a chick on the post. I called you a woman.

    Please stop listening to my ex-wives and girlfriends.

    I’m a very PC guy. 🙂

  16. Lauren Says:

    That’s right. I took those pictures of Anna. And last I checked, those pictures are not licensed for others to use. I usually don’t care though, because most people out there are cool and post very clear attribution statements.

  17. Matt Says:

    Looking at flickr, Lauren, you have an All Rights Reserved license posted, so your pics shouldn’t be getting reposted anywhere….


  18. chartreuse Says:

    Jeez…the picture is down.

    I hope this event hasn’t scared you too much.

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  20. lisa Says:

    Ooh, look a pic of me! How handy that my nametag is readable in the pic…

    Does anyone know who the blonde knitter was? I talked to her for a bit before information architecture, but I never got a name. Next time, I’m so doing business cards.

  21. Lauren Says:

    Matt: Yeah, but I am totally cool with those other few pictures of WordCamp folks being posted out on those other blogs. I guess I could do a CC license for those pics so that those posts are in good standings.

    Char: I don’t really care if the picture of Anna is posted here or not. My point is that there are still other pics that I own and that are being displayed here on the site. Even if I do add a CC license for them, you really should be adding attributions. And you should do that for the other photographer’s work that you are posting here, regardless of their licensing. It is just playing nice.

  22. chartreuse Says:

    Attributing pictures is a discussion that goes on at this site at least twice a month.

    Here’s the deal.

    I attribute pictures by having a link back to where they came from. I think that is the best way to do it. Unless the picture is one I took myself. Then there is no link.

    I tried mmmaaannnyyy different ways in the life of this blog, but that one seems to attribute the author, is unobtrusive to the ‘flow’ of my site and get the least complaints.

    I believe a picture is no different than any other media on the net. It’s a link.

    It still gets some complaints. But not many.

    But if it really bothers you just let me know and I just won’t use your pictures. No harm, no foul.

  23. Matt Says:

    I guess my point is that Flickr has a CC license search capability for a reason.. use it 😉

    My wife publishes some great photos and uses Flickr – she’s damn picky about who posts them (and I’m not on that list). 😉

    She’d kick your arse and send our cat out after you if you posted one of her pics.


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  25. Matt Says:

    She’d kick your arse and send our cat out after you if you posted one of her pics.

    Oh, and that’s one pussy you wouldn’t want to mess with..


  26. chartreuse Says:

    This discussion probably deserves a post of it’s own.

    I really believe a link is enough credit.

  27. Lauren Says:

    The link means that you are complying with Flickr’s terms of use when you are using a picture hosted on their site. However, even if I licensed these pictures (which I have not), you would still have to attribute them in the mannor I specify, not you. In general (and if you read the fine print), this means adding a name and and URI. All of this is explained on the Flickr and Creative Commons web sites.

  28. chartreuse Says:

    If you were a regular reader of this blog you would know my opinion about the law. If I don’t agree with it I weigh the consequences and do what I think is right. Not exactly conducive to peace but I think some of the major issues in this age of institutional collapse (like copyright laws) are going to be changed by how people decide to use the content.

    I’ve written my views on copyright laws before. But if someone doesn’t want me to use their content in the way that I do, I take it down. How can I be any fairer than that?

  29. Lauren Says:

    Ok, I read the two posts about your views on copyright laws. They didn’t exactly present a compelling reason why you don’t want to respect the copyrights of your fellow bloggers and photographers because you disagree with large companies changing copyright laws to suit their purposes. As a writer and blogger and a Flickr user, I highly value the protection that copyrights give me. I find laws to be a pretty good idea, all in all.

    And how can you be fairer? If someone doesn’t know that you are using his or her photographs or other intelectual property, how is that fair? I found this because of the wordcamp tag, not because of the Flickr links.

    Thanks to Matt for being such an articulate voice of reason in this discussion.

    So am I going to ask you to take down these pictures? No. Why? Because comments is not the appropriate forum to do that (contacting Yahoo legal is). Instead, I opted for conversation because I think that is more valuable than these few pictures.

  30. chartreuse Says:

    Lauren, I love a healthy debate and I agree that this conversation is important.

    Let’s be real for a second.

    When you post something on the internet it’s open for anyone to use. Does a guy sitting in Germany have any reason to follow the US interpretation of copyright law?

    The laws, imho, are a complete waste of time.

    Some guy who has no direct income from his blog decides to post a picture you had publiclly posted else where. How is that any different than providing a text link to the picture? I doubt you would be complaining at all if I just used a text link. But the truth is that there is no difference between the two.

    People post youtube clips anywhere. Profit/non-profit sites. No attribution to the author at all. It’s the price you pay for a Youtube post. I think the price you pay for making a picture public is the chance that it will be public.

  31. […] As usual, all the real action on this blog is in the comments. Like my post yesterday about the Women of WordCamp and the discussion about copyrights which ensued. […]

  32. Matt Says:

    When you post something on the internet it’s open for anyone to use.

    No, it’s not.

    It’s still covered by copyright law – like it or not.

    You still have to respect the terms of service of the person or organization that holds the copyright – like it or not.

    There’s a simple solution here – Flickr is full of creative commons licensed pictures. Use those and comply with those terms of service (many of which require attribution by the way).. and that may mean more than just linking back to the original picture.


  33. Scrivs Says:

    Respect. That’s what it boils down to. You can disagree with law all you want, but you should never argue the wishes of someone who provides you with your content. That’s just straight disrespect. Fuck the laws and corps, but don’t fuck the person’s beliefs in how their work should be handled.

  34. chartreuse Says:

    If you don’t like the way I use your public work on the net I take it down.

    In an era where rules are blurred that seems like respect to me.

  35. David Krug Says:

    You know Prince you are really making some dumb as rock decisions. Take the girls pics down dude. This is so rock stupid. As an owner of a site that trys to do journalism you are stealing images. WTF.

    I’m losing more and more respect for you everyday.

  36. David Krug Says:

    See I have no issue stealing corporate images they arent people. But if its people let it be and respect the damn girl. Otherwise you just make yourself look like an ass.

    Cuz I know I steal images fairly often. I just hate how you treat and talk down to the damn girl in the fucking comments like you can virutally rewrite internet law as you go.

    Who are you Gigaom?

  37. chartreuse Says:

    The picture was taken down a long time ago. Right after the subject asked.

    Your opinion of me is none of my business, but get your facts straight.

  38. chartreuse Says:

    And I thought Louren and I was having a public conversation about a very important issue. I don’t think I put anyone down.

    I have the same right to be wrong like anyone else.

    But I think I’m on the right side of this. History will decide.

  39. David Krug Says:

    I knew you took the pics down man that’s not the issue. The really big issue is you and your rock dumb decision to rewrite law like you are an activist judge or something.

    Your condescending attitude is typical of men who think they can do this kind of shit. It’s fairly offensive to me an avid supporter of yours for a long time.

    Over the last few weeks all that has changed and its all very public. Your constant arrogance towards shit like this is just idiocy.

    People should always have the right to own their own shit and get credit for it. You should also credit the other pics appropriately btw.

    And the pics arent down unless its just my web cache.

  40. David Krug Says:

    I see one pic disappear but not others.

  41. chartreuse Says:

    Disagreement is not condensending.

    I took down the picture I was asked to.

  42. Lauren Says:

    You didn’t add any attibution statements, which is specifically requested by Laughing Squid, by the way. From the description of one of the photos you stole:

    “This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons license. If you use this photo, please list the photo credit as “Scott Beale (Laughing Squid)” and link the credit to ”

    If you want to be respectful of the other bloggers out there, just add our names to the photos with links to our blogs. It is the nice thing to do. I have provided an example on my site.

  43. David Krug Says:

    Good stuff Lauren way to stick to your guns. I agree its chiefly a respect issue.

  44. Krug – you have overstayed your welcome at this site if you have not been told so already.

    ake your grandstanding somewhere ekse please. It is shameless at this point.

    Char is not in this to climb on other people’s back, sdo stop doing it off his.

    It is obviois to everybody that has now followed this comment train but obvioulsy not to you.

  45. range Says:

    I like women, especially WP or blogging women. They rock.

  46. David Krug Says:

    Lindzon whatever. Not climbing on his back or granstanding just making a point about attribution.
    Yeah my idiocy is very obvious but my point is still relevant.

    Oooh so mature of an investment banker in a suit to take sides. I’m a cheerio ass. But sometimes make some decent points.

    Anyhow. stuff to do in the real world laters.

  47. Not whatever. You are an ass. A punk. Lauren made the point as did ELEA. You have not added anything.

    Over 20 percent of the comments in this chain are yours.

    A little overdone to make a point, especially since you made none.

    From what I have read over the months here, your ethical hat is itself on backwards so your arguments hold no weight.

  48. David Krug Says:

    Namecalling is not neccesary. An investment banker who talks about ethics is like a lawyer who talks about oh nevermind. I know a few good lawyers.

    So what if 20% of the comments are mine. It may be overdone but the issue is just about respect. Char hasn’t remedied the issue and if youd like to call out my ethical violations and my moral integrity that’s perfectly fine. Bring it.

    At this point in the universe all i really have to say is if I took up 20% of the conversation that just means im more passionate about it. I’ve invested a lot into proper copyright bs and also am a huge advocate of Creative Commons and have supported it financially in small ways over the years.

    I see copyright as a dead issue and CC moving in to replace it. More than that I try to respect the little guy.

    I love how Char’s band of brigands light it up the last while everytime I make a comment. This place has gotten worse than Digg. Largely because of the new Chartreuse Koolaid Kup.

  49. again – stop coming. I am sure Digg will be happy to have you back

    dont you have a blog that no one reads to get passionate about.

  50. Site security

    This site has attracted all kind of whiners and attention getters. Shame.

  51. David Krug Says:

    haha Dude that’s the funniest shit I ever read. Lindzon tells me to go back to Digg.
    Cmon dude what did I do to piss you off so bad you jumped into me like I bit you in the ass.

    I swear your drinking the koolaid.

  52. Lauren Says:

    I don’t think Howard has added much to this conversation, if you ask me. Seems pretty “obviois” to me. So I don’t know where he gets off attacking others about that.

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  54. technosailor Says:

    Nice stuff. Leaves a black mark on WordCamp. It’s a little irritating that everyone can’t be civilized to each other – both sides.

  55. Matt Says:

    God, it’s one thing to disagree over copyright.

    It’s another thing for this to devolve into a namecalling event – on both sides of the issue.


  56. You were fanning the flames too, Matt.

  57. Matt Says:

    Only my wife 😉 I just pointed out that my cat is vicious 😉 I didn’t call anyone any names.


  58. No. You didn’t call anyone names. Lauren got huffy. Char got huffy back. Then you jumped in and got people riled up. Then some bizarre tour de force between Krug and Howard.

    Really… this entry was meant in good natured fun, I’m sure. Personally, I’m glad there were women there and I hoped for more equal representation in the future. And not because they look damn good, either. But acknowledging they look damn food and having a flame war ensue is a bit touchy.

  59. […] It all started going downhill in the comments of Prince’s post where in his post he took a handful of pics from the camp. Some folks were not happy and then it all began. […]

  60. Chartreuse: this what Krug is doing is an amateur primative technique of blogocombat called Thread Jacking.

    I am an artist. I take photos, audio, and video of anything and anyone I want. I do not ask permission of a person to post their photo, they should be thrilled and in awe that I would stoop so low as to display their hideously butt ugly heads on the web.

    I video tape drug busts, cops, gangsters, mental patients, bar clientele who may be cheating on their wives, bloggers, anything I want and the photos are the property of the Universe who made them.

  61. I threaten to discombobulate any further cat fights and dog brawls on this thread.

    Step away from your computer. Wait while the authorities figure out the fastest route to your station. Comply with all their sadistic rules and barbaric wishes.

    This picking on a Photo Artist shan’t go any further.

  62. Ankit Says:

    It was indeed a good discussion, until some kids ruined it into an ugly brawl.
    Anyways, I wish the healthy discussion should continue.

    A direct link has been one of the best way to attribute since the Internet started. Though I do also agree an artist’s, or writers wishes have to be catered to, if he wants something more than a link attribution for his/her work.

    In coming days, I won`t be surprised if more and more people will settle for a text link or image link, and will find it enough to get the right attribution to their work.

  63. Nick Douglas Says:

    Bahahahaha, someone just sent this spat to me on Valleywag. Obviously not worth posting, but I can’t figure out which was more fun: reading Chartreuse’s batshit loco interpretation of copyright ethics, or saying all of David Krug’s lines in the voice of a 13-year-old World of Warcraft player.

  64. Mr Angry Says:

    The 13 you WoW player. That *must* have been more fun.

  65. range Says:

    Hey Mr Angry, I’m not even getting into this discussion. I liked the comment on blogocombat and thread jacking by vaspers. The rest, no comment.

  66. sharo1 Says:

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  67. sharo1 comment above is comment spammy and makes no sense at all.

    range, yoour buzz agent paid enthusiast VTG support check is in the mail.

    I am still cracking up LMAO about Anna not knowing that there are no ads on this site. Talk about lame blogocombat from a she blogger who should know better. Oh ha ha ha. Anna is very pretty though, so I better not be too mean to her. I bet she hates me though. I deserve it.

    Mr. Angry can kick all your candy butts.

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  71. […] After WordCamp, I, like all of the other bloggers there, blogged about the event and surfed Technorati and Flickr to read and comment about it. It all started innocently enough. I found a blog post that had some of my Flickr pictures on it, so I made a comment. Next thing I knew, I had started a bit of a discussion about copyrights. Some people were rude and illogical, but some folks, like Matt and Chester, backed up my position more eloquently than I ever could. Also, this is what triggered my Men of WordCamp post, in case anyone was wondering where that came from. […]

  72. […] Geeky t-shirts: WordCamp’s WordPress t-shirt, was worth all the drama because the quality of the t-shirt is grade-A soft, and a nice off-black. The Linux t-shirt was poached from a co-worker. I do like Linux, have done some linux stuff, but honestly, far too geeky for me. Shirt gets points for cute penguin- translates well with the non-geek crowd. Negative points for being very, very large. […]

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  74. […] Concludiamo questa lunga carrellata di informazioni con le inmancabili foto, da quelle delle donne a quelle degli uomini, sino ad arrivare alle vere e proprie raccolte come quelle che potete trovare su Flickr o su Laughingsquid. […]

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