The Big Difference Between Old And New

Pay Attention Please.

Nothing is on.

Except you.

Old media has to grab your attention.

New media is already there.

You have to find old media

(what channel? What time? What theatre? What station?)

New media finds you.

Old media is begging for attention.

New media is attention.

Old media pushes.

New media is pulled by you.

Because nothingโ€™s really on.

Except you.

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42 Comments on “The Big Difference Between Old And New”

  1. Brian Says:

    I think you’ve officially crossed the line into poetry blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Reynold Says:


    This is a provocative thought. It isn’t entirely true because many “old media” forms of entertainment continue to grow. I doubt that the new media will ever entirely replace big budget movies or video games. However, I think two interesting things are happening:

    1. Much as TV forced Movies to evolve and improve, new media will force TV and Movies to get better if they want to survive. At some point, some of these media may even merge (or “converge” if you prefer).

    2. The Internet is a many-to-many distribution channel which will make it possible for everyone to create and publish art and entertainment. It is also becoming a massive online database with efficient search tools which make it possible for everyone to find the kind of entertainment they are looking for and to figure out which bits are popular (and with whom). And that’s the insight underlying your post.


  3. Noah Brier Says:

    That attention line is awesome, so spot on. Nicely done. It is a bit poetic, I must say . . .

  4. Glad to see things are back to normal around here. I was out getting a sandwich.

  5. Robert Bruce Says:

    I’m retiring from the game. Right after I republish this post at KGP as a poem.

  6. chartreuse Says:

    (all content on this site may be remixed at will)

  7. The Kool aid seems safe to drink again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry for all to get involved in a fight here on Char’s site but calling Char a moron than attacking me for getting personal just got the worse in me from that whats his name.

  8. Says:

    The Valley Battles: Content Vs. Technology

    Last night I was having drinks with Brian (founder of newroo), Kareem, Chartreuse & Joe and I realized something. There is a turf war between Los Angeles (The Valley) and Silicon Valley.

    Chartreuse (Prince) understands this clearly. He is from Ne…

  9. Liz Strauss Says:

    Excellent. Exactly as many words as it needed to say it right and not one word more. That’s precision and elegance.

  10. ann michael Says:

    WOW – I’m sending this link to everyone I know in “old” media. It brilliantly gets to the point.

  11. The new is Any Content Any Time, abbreviated form.

    We pull it in via RSS, email alerts, podcast and vlog channels, and bloggers acting as portals and infobots, the blog authors scouring the rough layers and sharp edges of the blogosphere, bringing back the relevant juicey tidbits.

  12. Ha ha! What Brian said.

    This is how it happens, Char…

  13. chartreuse Says:

    This blog will continue it’s focus on smart media, girls and music.

    I’ll leave the poetry to the experts.

  14. Ahimsaka Says:

    I no longer watch tv.
    As I read the news and watch YouTube.

    Instead of having to have to listen to uninteresting headlines to get to the entertainment section,
    I use aggregators to pick articles of interest.

    Instead of the apartment landline
    I use my cellphone.

    Instead of the radio,
    I use internet radio.

  15. […] After reading the Battles Hymn of the Bloggers at ConverStations, I wanted to comment. I’ve been a wallflower for awhile and decided to join in the conversation. Then I read the other comments and followed their links. Thanks to Liz Strauss I found the post from Chartreuse. Love it! Be sure you follow the first link. […]

  16. aboutmakingmoney Says:

    Great Blog Art… Cool Pics / gallery

  17. Liz Strauss Says:

    I hate it that my trackbacks aren’t working.

    I was going to name it Char writes poetry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. bigstarlet Says:

    Iโ€™ll leave the poetry to the experts.

    I think you’re already there…

  19. Tammy Ames Says:

    This reveals you could be the next Bob Dylan (a poet) of the new media.

    Astounding, Chartreuse – jaw dropping, breath taking – this is an astounding art form with images, words, emotions and lyrics.

  20. Artful and wonderful at expressing the new media. excellent!

  21. Greg Michael Says:

    Cool. Emo girl. Hipster. See my blog, (its wordy)

  22. Mr Angry Says:

    I know this isn’t your plan, but convert this to a powerpoint presentation and you’ve got a lucrative career doing presentations for clueless executives. I see from the comment thread you’re shying away from being considered poetic but the conciseness of this line of thought and the elegance of your presentation is masterfully done.

  23. I’m worried sick about Mr. Angry. He sounds too happy. Hmmm….

  24. Alastair Says:

    Well I think you have summed it all up.

    Now if only my clients can act upon it. This is what we have been talking about for several years. This is a very nice way of showing it.

    Nice work

    Peace Out!

  25. […] This article is part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot. This article covers Sandi Thom and how she went from a webcam to a record deal. It’s the new media. […]

  26. allen Says:

    good points! esp. the push vs. pull.

  27. […] Chartreuse on the old vs the new. […]

  28. […] YOU are taking over. YOU are demanding more and voicing your opinions openly online. YOU are growing the blogosphere faster than I can give in to my son with his fiftieth cookie of the day (don’t tell my wife.) YOU are the most important person. […]

  29. meggie moo Says:

    WHY THE HELL DO U CARE? if u want to listen to the old radio stations look it up on google if not stop complaining

  30. […] People as media outlets/attention as media […]

  31. ewwwwwwww whats thisss?!!?! it looks like an ass!! wtf?! this thing looks like my shitt!! what kind of this stuff will explain to us whatsthe diff between new and old radio

  32. anthony Says:

    yeh thats good funny interesting but i need the citation of this coz im gonna use it on my essay. wanna fight about it?

  33. zencat Says:

    Discover Old Time Radio It
    is an awesome source of undiscovered treasures from the past.

  34. Hello there, I found your site via Google while looking for a related topic, your website came up, it looks good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  35. […] Brier writes offers some vacation-reading reccomendations. This one caught my eye: Chartreuse’s "The Big Difference Between Old and New" is as good a ‘state of the media’ as I’ve read. This line almost made me cry: […]

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