Thursday Morning (pacific time) Remix (The ‘Up In Arms’ Edition)

You can’t please everyone.

The upcoming trip to New Orleans has gotten more controversial than I ever expected. Some of the local bloggers are pissed. The response from some was so vicious I called Candice in New Orleans to see how she was holding up.

She told me it was cool and was already trying to set up a meetup between some of the upset and the people I am sending down. Note: Always choose your partners by how smart they are. They know what to do and will just do it.

I don’t think the people are as upset at Mel Gibson as the media is. What he said was stupid and racists but maybe it’s time to move on. Madonna has given Mel Gibson some advice. I’m sure she spoke for all of us.

We are living in an age where a lot of the things we do make no sense. We are all pissed and scared and know just as much as the bad guys. We have reasons to be concerned. Unfortunately I think we are just going to have to get used to feeling like this.

The most disruptive company that is really going to change everything is Skype.

9rulers talk to each other.

Steve Rubel gets it wrong again.

Amazing video of girl who takes a picture of herself everyday for three years:


The meaning of Brands.

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45 Comments on “Thursday Morning (pacific time) Remix (The ‘Up In Arms’ Edition)”

  1. Diane Ensey Says:

    So the N.O. bloggers beef is that they think we don’t read their blogs? Actually, I do. And, like eveything in the blogosphere, I take it with a grain of salt. While I don’t disparage their coverage at all, they are also living in it, experiencing it, which gives them a different perspective. I, for one, would like to see a non-N.O. person’s perspective and coverage – even if it is a short trip, even if it can’t possibly cover everything.

    It can only help their cause to have an outsider’s view.

    As for their beef about the photos – get a life – they’ve never heard of head shots in New Orleans? Most business people have them done as a matter of course, guys….

  2. Luke Ledesma Says:

    What is with these people? Is it wrong to go to NO and blog? Do they have the monopoly of truth? These bloggers should even be helping each other and this cause. Instead, what they are doing is alienating themselves to other people’s perspective.

  3. Brian Says:

    Wow, how disappointing to read the knee jerk reactions of the NO bloggers (especially Alan Gutierrez, whose blog I try to read when I have time).

    Calling outside bloggers with an interest Carpetbloggers?

    How provincial.

    How sad.

  4. jeff marks Says:

    What kind of world is it wen you can’t get liquored up and blame the Jews for some shit…. When Mel calls, jackass that he is, I’m ready to work with him!

  5. Liz Strauss Says:

    What’s the point of getting angry BEFORE you talk? It makes things harder and pulls things apart. It’s territories and t-shirts and jr. high.

    Good on Candice. How disappointing is right.

  6. Mark Says:

    I think this is more about perceptions and poularity more than anything else.

    If you look at all the PR from the various blog news sites, it’s all about you.

    NOTE: I am NOT saying this is your fault.

    “Chartreuse is self-funding…”
    “Chartreuse is seeking the truth…”
    “Chartreuse has set up a super team of citizen journalists…”

    ad infinitum

    Meanwhile, no one (in comparison to the attention this project is receiving) has mentioned anything about these folks down there in the muck and muddle day after day trying to get the story out.

    You got to admit, if you put yourself in their shoes that it rings a bit messianic, dudly dorightish.

    I guess the closest thing I can compare it to is theatre students. You always have the kids who are really talented artists, but because they don’t have the looks or the cult-like following of popularity, they never get the part.

    I don’t think what they’re doing is fair to you, but I can certainly empathize with their feelings. My guess would be you need to involve these good people as much as you can in this project (which I believe you’re going to do), and then go even further in that involvement.

  7. Mark Says:

    Sorry, guess I forgot to close the bold tag.

  8. David Krug Says:

    I agree it appears a little to You Focussed beings that you are sending all 1938media connected people. Had you sent a few non connected folks I think the perceptions atleast on my end would have changed.

  9. Mark Says:

    Let me clarify. The fault here is with the blog reporting sites focusing on the wrong target.

    Out of the gajillion of stories and blogs out there, it’s the popular kids who get all the air time. That’s cool for the inconsiquential things, but for a national tragedy like Katrina? Where the story is supposed to be about those living it, not those documenting it?

    That’s shallowness in a flood a real need and real stories (good and bad) — That’s where the sadness is.

  10. Randy Rhines Says:

    I don’t think Candice is 1938 Media. And if they are all 1938 Media, what is the problem? 1938 Media has an agenda of concoting reports when it goes to NO? This is an obvious statement from someone who has an agenda… that’s why he’s posting even without contributing to the discussion.

  11. chartreuse Says:

    The only one with ties to 1938 is Loren and myself. And I’m not going.

    I spoke with the folks from KnowMoreMedia today and I think we came up with a solution. We’ll see.

  12. David Krug Says:

    Travis does as well if I remember correctly. And the girl is a friend of Travis am I not correct?

  13. David Krug Says:

    I’m not saying everyone works for 1938 im saying they all have personal emotional connections to it and i doubt they can be unbiased.

  14. chartreuse Says:

    David, you make no sense.

    WTF does 1938 has to do with what happens in New Orleans?

    Travis is not involved with 1938 nd M. is not his girlfriend.

    Dude, if you have a problem just say what it is. Jeez…

  15. Randy Rhines Says:

    David Krug is looking for attention… I really don’t see anything worthy from this guy. I am new in this blogging thing and have been reading. He has not done anything good, starting from the mess that he created in finefools, to his erati, to leaving erati and forming tenfootsquare, to making it celebritycowboy, to his sudden affection to celebrity with popcrunch, to his mess with jack of all blogs… and now to creating misconceptions with comments here… who do you think you are?

    Good thing Loren has not been posting lately. Otherwise you’ll be peeing on your pants.

  16. David Krug Says:

    Did you actually delete my comment?

    Now that’s funny.

  17. David Krug Says:

    I will rehash the previous comment.

    Travis is apart of 1938Media atleast according to Loren.
    Char, who heads this NO project is also a part of 1938.
    M, is a friend of 1938Media correct?

    I’m just saying its not looking very objective. Everyone comes to the game with a 1938Perspective. Not that that’s a bad thing.

    My problems with you Char have been voiced clearly. I’m merely pointing out I really doubt this is very objective this 1938Media New Orleans Project.

  18. David Krug is obviously a spambot. He makes no sense to anyone at all anymore, if he ever did.

    To avoid thread jacking like seems to be Krug’s specialty and claim to fame, let me say that who cares if all the bloggers are from 1938 Media? WTF does that have to do with anything?

    I say the New Orleans idiots need to re-locate. They are rebuilding in a catastrophe zone due to increasing storm patterns and shitty levees.

    Char, I don’t know why you are getting attacked for every single move you make. Those who criticize and complain are all losers who are doing nothing. You are a marketing analyst and blog trend setter.

    Let the losers gripe and find fault. I admire your efforts, especially the Girly Girls of WordCamp and your New Orleans fact finding mission.

    Keep it up. Your supporters are strong and heavily laden with blogocombat weaponry.

    Peace, brother man.

  19. Diane Ensey Says:

    Krug has to find something to nitpick at, and that was the first thing that came to mind. Until he can frame a coherent argument, we can ignore him.

    I think a better question might be why don’t more people read NO bloggers? Out of sight, out of mind? Can’t relate? Don’t care since it isn’t happening to them?

    On the NO bloggers side the MSM news we get out of NO is bland and what gets out attention are the incredible stories like the one sent to Char – stories which we can relate to and want to find out if it is true.

    As part of KMM, I’m interested to see what they and Char have come up with.

  20. EastVanEsica Says:

    There is another time lapse photography video up on

    It is also worth a watch. A man phtographed his wife’s belly over the nine months that she was pregnant.

    God you guys like to whip it out here. I have to laugh. sorry… lol.

  21. Mr Angry Says:

    Personally Char, I’m impressed at your tolerance level for addressing these “concerns” at all. You have a plan, you’re trying something new(ish) and the opinion of people who seem to be starting from such a defensive position wouldn’t affect me at all. Actually, it would make me really angry but that’s my natural state. I am really interested in how your project turns out.

  22. Adam Elend Says:

    While the NO blog strand was pretty silly, I think “Char and the Carpetbloggers” is a great name – someone needs to start printing tee-shirts.

  23. Mark Wade Says:

    People! For the love of God! We are all in the same damn boat!

    The search for truth ought not be such a burden. To the folks in NO – good jeezus – why can’t you embrace these folks as reinforcements? They are not the enemy! We are all on the same damn side here!

    Or – do you really want to prove to the world how fractured this country really is? Adrastos calls it a semi-free country – why the hell do you call it that? Because this is a perfect example of what the pols and business leaders have been taking advantage of, that’s why…

    Put your heads together. Use your full compliment of intelligence, together. Put all your resources together. Adrastos, if you take a look at it from where we are, you haven’t made much of an impact. Double your “troops” and the chance of making an impact on the wrongs will only increase!

    Team up! Please! Or – drive your hopes even further into the dirt…

  24. […] I meant what I commented at both of these Blogs – Chartreuse and Adrastos. We are not your enemies here Adrastos, et al. Up to now, unfortunately, you have not been seen mainstream. That is all. […]

  25. Nate Archer Says:

    My 2 cents on the NO bloggers deal is that the blogosphere is all about hype. If they were really pasionate about getting the stories and messages out, then they would be welcoming you guys; instead they want all the glory for themselves. Their invested interest is what they are after not letting society at large know about the situation.

    Who gives a sh*t if 1938 media is involved, they are just a collection of individuals.

  26. Should We Give Up?

    Chartreuse and his team of citizen journalists have stirred up some controversy while organizing a reporting trip to New Orleans. In this post, I’ve collected the three most provocative questions raised by in the debate. As fledgling writers, we are…

  27. Krug is jealous of 1938 Media, Know More Media, John Battelle’s Federated Media Publishing, and perhaps, if totally bored and jejune, also envious of the unknown and unknowable Absolute Improved New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network.

    The blogosphore spits upon the MSM. We know the credibility of the MSM is zero. So Char is organizing a Fact Finding Mission to New Orleans. And the local NO bloggers are up in arms?

    Wonder what they don’t want us to find out. While I pity anybody dumb enough, or so poor they cannot do anything else, to rebuild in a catastrophe area, where storm patterns are predicted to worsen, and the levees are crap, I don’t understand NO blogger hostility.

    Seems…supicious, paranoid, or dubious in a more rotten manner than I feel at liberty to define here. Hope I’m wrong though.

  28. P.S. May I be so bold as to restate what I submitted via venerable blog comment functionality to the Milky Way of Steve Rubel debate, at the blog you linked to “Whipping Frenzy Web Analysis” or whatever it is called?


    (1) I like the word “blogosphere” though I prefer to use Blogos Fear and Blogs of Fear more often, due to legal entanglements based on my New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network shenanigans.

    (2) Steve Rubel has presented a fairly accurate picture of one way to look at the blogospheric realm.

    (3) MySpace is a toilet.

    (4) LiveJournal sucks and I”ve only come across one post at that site in my years of internet mangling and bangling.

    (5) Robert Scoble is far more than a flash in the pan blogger celebrity.

    (6) Chartreuse agrees with you, but I don’t know why exactly.

    (7) To really understand blogs, one must cut ones head off and replace it with a monotonous turnip cluster.

    (8) Most of the bloatosphere is composed of boring drivel people chattering to other boring drivel people.

    (9) Tags suck. I never use them or click on them. Except in YouTube.


  29. […] Ok, First off I agree with the New Orleans bloggers largely here’s why. […]

  30. Randy Rhines Says:

    This Cowboy is the one who’s getting the most publicity here… and he accuses Chartreuse’s project as publicity stunt. Think of how he suddenly generalized on the project, the people behind it, the sponsors. I pity this guy… and I would stop posting about him.

  31. range Says:

    I liked the stop motion of the girl as well as the preggers lady that EastVanesica suggested. Reminds me of the cool stop motion video from a few weeks ago.

    About the rest, no comment. 😛

  32. AndrewE Says:

    That video was awesome.

  33. Randy Rhines: You’re correct about that. It’s time to Mark Pilgrim him.

  34. Tried to post this on Mark Wade’s blog but kept getting an error message. So will post here.
    Great question about the Gulf Coast Bloggers. I’ve wondered this myself quite often, being originally from MS. However, believe me when I say I only have the energy for one blog and Nola has been my home for 26 years now.
    Just a point I want to make: the Gulf Coast was devestated by Katrina.
    NOLA was devestated by the failure of the government built and controlled levee system. Nola was ok until the levees broke. THAT is the truth we want the rest of the country to get. THAT is what we’ve been screaming about on our blogs for almost a year. THAT is why our nerves are frayed and maybe why we took offense to certain wording.
    We want and need all the help we can get BUT……give us a little credit too.
    We have a year’s worth of hearing how stupid we are to live here, how stupid we are to have re-elected Nagin, how corrupt the city is, etc,etc, ad nauseum.
    Oh hell, I could go on and on but I think it makes no difference.

  35. David Krug Says:

    that’s exactly what i want you to do. I want you to Mark Pilgrim me. I hate all the talk period. End of story.

  36. Turning Up the Volume About New Orleans

    Are we too late to contribute telling the story of New Orleans or to help spread the word? I hope not because sadly I don’t think everyone has heard the truth. I know I had not until a week or…

  37. Mark Wade Says:

    TM – I left a response for you over at my place. I doubt Char will mind (if you do please let me know Char) but here it is copied for you TM

    “Thanks for stopping by…

    It isn’t lost on many what you say about what caused the devastation. I’ve at least, paid attention to the history of the levees and I’m sure others have also. I’ve seen quite a few who’ve not been afraid to talk about the governments’ lack of care, concern and consideration for decades.

    Honestly, I’m glad I’ve found all of you. I feel it will all be helpful if everyone can band together. I think Chartreuse will also be happy to find help rather than opposition.

    The word in its entirety, needs to get where all of this country and others can see it for what it truly is and has been. Only then will majority opinion be brought to bear on it. BTW – I hope you don’t take offense but you’re wrong – it damn well does make a difference!”


  38. I’m glad you found us too. I cannot comment on your blog – keep getting a server error message. Doesn’t mean anything to me as I am tech-challenged! 🙂

    The bottom line is I don’t think many realize what has happened here. We are not ok. The city is not ok. The survivors are not ok. This is America. But Nola might as well be on another planet. It’s hard, it’s very hard.
    Psychologically people are really crashing. 90% of the mental health professionals did not come back. We have no mental health facillities and they are clogging the ER’s. Therefore people with physical illnesses are waiting HOURS to be seen. The few medical personnel are worked to the breaking point.
    Again, I could go on and on.

  39. Karen Says:

    Please read Becky Houtman
    and The WIKI

    and Vicky Moos

    please contribute to the fund for John Mc Cusker, a photographer who stayed and then lived the Hell of the last year and snapped

  40. Mark Wade Says:


    Please, take a look at some of the Blogs these folks write and perhaps your people could talk to them? I know there has been some ill feelings but the end goal remains the same – please…

    This “stuff” is hard to swallow, incredibly hard to swallow, because this was once the greatest country in the world. That is so obviously not true anymore! It crosses all races, genders and ages and actually, this is precisely the kind of crap that ought to get a President impeached!!!

    We The People? Not any more…

  41. All great ideas and plans are attacked. Anyone who tries to do something good will face stiff opposition.

    My policy is to ignore most of that crybaby accusatory garbage like the New Orleans bloggers who complain about Char’s plan to send bloggers on a fact finding tour.

    Very suspicious why they oppose it so hysterically.

    Have any of them come here to post comments, Char?

  42. Absolute Improvement:
    I know for a fact a couple of Nola bloggers have communicated with Char via email.
    Check out Know More Media for some comments. I believe the tide is turning.
    We need all the help we can get down here — it’s just been frustrating for many of the bloggers in that we don’t believe we are being heard by the rest of the blogosphere. Which goes back to we don’t believe the people of this country realize that things are not ok here. Not by a long shot. Visit some of the Nola blogs to see what I mean, such as People Get Ready, da po’ blog, Wetbank Guide, Your Right Hand Thief, New Orleans Slate, Think New Orleans, The Third Battle of New Orleans, American Zombie, Ray in New Orleans, Gentilly Girl…….GOGGLE THEM! They aren’t hard to find.

  43. Copy of a comment on another blog before I found Mark and Char:

    I am but a lowly Nola blogger but thanks for your comments. I hadn’t thought of it but your idea of supporting and profiling the Nola bloggers who have been on the ground floor since Aug 29 and before is a great one. I hate to say this, but the rest of the country will NEVER get the whole picture of what has and is happening here from visiting, although well intentioned, bloggers.
    I am also new to the blogosphere so I have no idea who 1938 is — I’ve been too busy blogging the truth of what Nola is now.
    The person who commented on Char’s thread that we are morons or whatever it is he said, (won’t revisit that comment to check)to live here — must live in Utopia or either has a heart of stone.
    I urge all to visit the Nola Wikki at
    to see how hard we are fighting for our city.

    On that page you will see a link to the Rising Tide Conference which is a grass-roots blogger-inspired event.

    Help us. It’s about New Orleans, ya’all.

  44. […] A shit storm of sorts errutped last week over the noble efforts of super cool blogger Prince Campbell (aka Chartreuse), Know More Media and a host of others in gathering a posse and heading on down to New Orleans to get the “real” story, on the ground. […]

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