Sunday Afternoon “Clever” Remix

Remember back in the day when I used to post unreleased tracks on this blog? Here’s one. It’s by Janet and it features Khia. Remember Khia? I do. Anyway, the quality is bad and this song almost didn’t end up on the album. Long story I won’t bore you with…

One of the things I’ve noticed is that there are always exceptions. For example, some folks think DNA is never wrong. Except when it is.

Here’s an idea I like. News alerts to your IM.

Clever marketing.

Maybe bloggers won’t kill journalist, computers will. Cutting Journalist completely out of the equation.

And no weekend is complete with a RB Original…


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4 Comments on “Sunday Afternoon “Clever” Remix”

  1. a life blog Says:

    […] The pace of my life has picked up in the last couple of day. The consulting company i own with my brother has just signed a new deal, I have been added to the Board of Directors for Build America (really have to fix there our website), […]

  2. Mark Says:

    You might want to check this page, Char. Something’s really borking your layout to the point of really screwing with the readability.

  3. Liz Strauss Says:

    When you live on the edge, everything is an exception. You either lose or win really big. Nothing is ever ordinary. There is no rut. Group think does not exist.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    thx Mark. I’ll look into it…

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