Late Night Remix (The ‘compelling’ Edition)

The year Will won Big Brother3 I had a fan site set up for him that CBS choose to use for some contest. Except Will didn’t win the contest so it didn’t matter. This year I’m pulling for Danielle. No time to build a fansite, though. But I do listen to the podcast.

O.K., not a compelling start. Let’s try this.

So Atlantic Records is threatening to sue some kid who put a music video up on his blog. I agree with the defendant. It’s time for the artists to get involved in this stuff. Oh wait, artists are getting sued, too!

Is there really a Gay Black Blog Mafia?

Nobody is saying so out loud so I guess I will. Rocketboom 2.0 is just as good, if not better, than the old Rocketboom. Below is today’s episode. And as an added bonus, here’s a two part interview with Andrew Baron. Part One. Part Two.

Speaking of videos, and music. My brother got video of the mother of JDiggs. JDiggs is one of the forces behind the Hyphy movement going on in the San Fran area. He has sold literally thousands of records without a record deal. His birthday party earlier this month had 4000 people show up (each paying $20.00 each). A recently released DVD of Hyphy music debuted at #19 on the Billboard charts.
Anyway his Moms talks about how rap music saved her son’s life. Compelling stuff.

And you can’t mention the word compelling without mentioning ZeFrank. That guy is funny.

If Tyme wasn’t going to be having my lovechild I would cancel my subscription to the tech/sex ScrivsTyme podcasts. I just don’t think Scrivs likes me.

But I think the Galacticast folks do!

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10 Comments on “Late Night Remix (The ‘compelling’ Edition)”

  1. Matt Says:

    Ze is one of the funniest things I watch every day. And now that I finally got a video ipod, I can watch him automagically 😉


  2. Duncan Says:

    Agree on Ze, he’s the only videoblog I watch every day…bloody brilliant.

  3. Scrivs Says:

    You’re right, I don’t.

  4. Brian Says:

    Ze is my hero.

  5. Reprinting Citizen Journalists

    As I wrote yesterday, I just came back from vacation. During my time out, I published a two-part interview with Travis Campbell, one of the citizen journalists chosen to participate in a brand new project–Team New Orleans.We discussed journalism and…

  6. TerryC Says:

    Now the problems between Char and 9 rules becomes clear. It’s over a girl! Figgers!

  7. VampireFeet Says:

    I don’t comment for a few weeks and I find Beyonce has been unfaithful.
    Say it isn’t so!

  8. chartreuse Says:

    Feet, No one loves you more than I. It was a joke. I’m sure Beyonce is as pure as the New York snow! (Just kidding, again!)

    Scrivs, sorry I disappointed you. It happens. Ask my ex-wives!

    And there is no problem between me and 9Rules. I have much respect for the whole thing. I may not always get it, but the rumour I have a problem with it is an old one put out by people who don’t read this site.

    I do have a problem with the fact that Tyme tore up the love notes I wrote her in an attempt to woo her to the Blogging Times…that was cruel. I spent a lot of time spellchecking those things!

  9. Vince Chan Says:

    If this post was about praising Ze… count me in!

  10. range Says:

    Ze is hilarious. Especially when he’s cranky or when he sings songs. Sugartits.

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