Friday Remix (The “Good Video/Bad Video/New Video” Edition)

The Blog Herald has a great post about online video that matters.

How to get people talking about your product is spot on. (Despite appearances by Micky and Goofy…Daisy, of course, rocks!)

New York Times 2.0

Note to Floridians: Let’s get this woman out of office.

WallStrip is coming…

If you missed Likemind.NY today, the Blogging Times has some exclusive video.

Is Second Life a failure?

Live blogging the Live Feeds of Big Brother Allstars.

What’s really a Brand?

Fox News calls Beyonce’s B’Day Album wack

Some MP3s for ya:

Christina Aguilera feat. Termanology “Back in the Day (Clean)”

Method Man “Fall Out”

Jim Jones “We Fly High”

Pop77s 79 minute music mix with opening from ZeFrank

People are buzzing about the amazingly bad performance of Cassie on BET recently. Judge for yourself. Now what makes this story of a singer’s bad performance interesting is that she has a blog. And talked about her troubles.

But forget the bad news.

It’s the weekend.

And don’t forget to check out The Blogging Times Weekend Edition

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2 Comments on “Friday Remix (The “Good Video/Bad Video/New Video” Edition)”

  1. TerryC Says:

    Great video. I see you have your fingers in that meettravis blog too. Interesting. When you are done taking over the world can you post more pictures of hot chicks please!

    And that Cassie girl was tragic. She’s famous? Wow.

  2. range Says:

    “Listen up”, I didn’t even know who she was. Man, her performance was terrible. Maybe she should have pulled an Ashlee Simpson and just lipsynched, poor girl.

    I like Casey McKinnon a lot better. That girl is smoking’. And I’ve rethought things about Erin Fetherman and I have to say I did like her vlog. She definitely has accomplished a lot.

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