[All Comedy Weekend] Mr. Angry

Classic ending line…


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7 Comments on “[All Comedy Weekend] Mr. Angry”

  1. meettravis Says:

    “dick wipes” only 19.95 plus shipping (handling is free)

  2. TerryC Says:

    I like comedy weekend!

  3. i am bullish on comedy

  4. Mr Angry Says:

    Oh good lord, that’s the line I’m going to be known for? So long as it gets a laugh, I’m happy.

  5. […] It’s one of those things – being right doesn’t stop you from being weird. And most people would rather not listen to weird people. Attacking “problems” in an obsessive manner leads many people to think you are actually the problem. Like people who get obsessed with disinfecting every surface and constantly admonish you to constantly wash your hands, particularly when going to the toilet is involved. I have covered this topic several times (in fact I was prompted to think about it again when my very first video blog on the subject was featured on Chartreuse over the weekend) and I think I’ve established the definitive rules on the topic. […]

  6. Brian Says:

    Even with the build up, I still LOLed.

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