Strip Clubs, Tom Cruise and Jason Boog (The Tuesday Remix)

No one believes me yet but I think that there was a conspiracy to destroy Tom Cruise’s career.


So as I continue to track Pat Kingsley for clues, here’s a quick remix.

A look a record company math.

So all the major labels have been firing folks for years. Where did all those people go?

Lil Kim Sued for Stealing Lyrics

It’s too late for me, but here are some tips for growing old gracefully.

Understanding (and profiting) from the new publishing cycle.

What Strip Clubs Can Teach You About Web 2.0

Back on April 6th of this year, I posted that the Sandi Thom story was a fraud. People are still talking about that.

An important Duncan Riley/Blogging Times discussion about Blog Aesthetics.

Cool 2.0 Websites, as chosen by the San Francisco Chronicle

Amanda Congdon and Steely Dan?

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20 Comments on “Strip Clubs, Tom Cruise and Jason Boog (The Tuesday Remix)”

  1. Holy shit. Thhe first animated gif.

  2. range Says:

    I wonder what she is singing.
    Tom Cruise… well. You reap what you sow. Egomaniacal narcissist. I loved that spoof in Scary Movie of him jumping on Oprah’s couch.

  3. David Krug Says:

    That guy does Strip Clubs right. I go to a lot of them. Some of my favorite ex girlfriends, and good friends are dancers. The House Fees are horrible. Especially considering the club makes a killing in other ways. Most of them alcohol. I disagree about no alcohol. Give me alcohol or I dont go.

    What makes or breaks a club is the House Mom. If you have a good one she can make your business. The real stars of Strip Clubs are house moms. If they are your friend you are golden. If they dont like you. Your fucked.

    80%ish of these girls are single moms. Most of them are pretty young too. Dancing is freaking blue collar industry with no respect.

    Web 2.0 can learn a lot but realizing the money is in the traffic and be kind to the little people who bring in the traffic.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    You seem to know a lot about strip clubs, David. πŸ™‚

    I had to find some way to use that gif.

    And I really am doing a personl investigation on the destruction of Tom Cruises career. I’m sure it will be optioned into a movie. The only thing missing is sex… πŸ™‚

  5. MikeyMike Says:

    They’re ________, and they’re spectacular!

  6. ann michael Says:

    Char – it’s not too late for you to grow old gracefully – you can still get a pet! πŸ™‚

  7. Premptive Message

    I’m warning all of you. Calm down. Oh god.

  8. David Krug Says:

    Site Security,
    It’s strip clubs. I have booze. Let’s get this party started. Let’s get this party started. Yeah.

  9. Andy H Says:

    Char, how do you get away with putting that gif in there. I love it πŸ˜‰

  10. Brian Says:

    I was mesmerized by that, but don’t tell my wife.

  11. vanesica Says:

    I would say because there is no nipples showing; only the bottom under half of boobies.

    conspiracy to destroy Tom Cruise’s career

    I believe you on that one chartreuse. Once anyone gains a majority whether that fame be in politics, health and drug policies, music or film etc but is a minority through belief, sexuality or religion within current arenas, he or she will certainly fall; only to be realized in the future.

    Web 2.0 can learn a lot but realizing the money is in the traffic and be kind to the little people who bring in the traffic.

    David this could be changed to:

    Web 2.0 can learn a lot through realizing the money is in the traffic and by being kind to the little people who bring in the traffic.

  12. Duncan Says:

    What’s all this about strip clubs? Cant’ say I’ve been to more than 1 in the last 10 years, and the 1 I did attend, well, I was blind drunk at the time. I paid for a private lap dance, and instead of getting the poor girl to strip, I insisted that she sat down next to me and explain to me for the 30 minutes I’d paid for why she was doing what she was doing. One of the more interesting conversations I’ve had, for the little I can remember of it πŸ™‚

  13. David Krug Says:

    You are absolutely right. Thanks for the switch up.

    I dont know why i love strip clubs. I would be happy making 24,000 a year living in a cabin in the woods. Sadly enough I go mostly for the conversation. I have a problem actually. I think I’m attracted to ‘dancers’. It’s this whole. I want to be the rescuer syndrome. Sorry to all my ex’s I can’t name who happen to read this blog. You now know the real reason i sneak out at night and hit the town. And to all the girls who work in clubs that read this. Hahah. I hope you dont read this.

    Great to see you hanging out here more Duncan. Wootang. Flip me an email update on life and your current state of things. Work, Life, ETC. …..

    D-Dog the Pirate

  14. Sean Says:

    Too much focus on strip clubs, things that bounce and too little attention paid to the Congdon, Michael McDonald and Steely Dan (oof) menage. Minute by minute, by minute, by minute, the hipness faides away. Or have we entered a post-post-ironic era?

    (P.S.: All requisite props paid to Katy Lied)

  15. David Krug Says:

    It’s all about the strip clubs.

    Who is Steely Dan. Is he any cooler than Sexxy Dave?

  16. Roy T Says:

    Being in Vegas, I know a thing or two about those clubs. It’s a good point, and when friends come in town, I recommend them only the cleanest and best ones which of course do get the best traffic. It makes sense, unless your Jason Calacanis who some how thinks earnings can be made without traffic.

    From his site- Quote ” To all the first time entrepreneurs out there (who care to listen): page views mean nothing, revenue means something, and earnings mean everything”

    The traffic which brings the page views is a bit important IMO, if not for earnings, then at least for ego.

  17. Writers Who Actually Make Things Happen on the Web

    As we discussed yesterday, I’m done arguing about whether bloggers or journalists will control the media. The truth is, web writing is a free-for-all with enough work for anybody who’s talented. From now on, we will only pay attention to…

  18. Josh Says:

    If there was a conspiracy to destroy Cruise’s career, it was completely masterminded by him. No one made him jump up and down on Oprah’s couch, professing his heterosexuality.

    No one made him proseltyze his obsessive belief of aliens to the world.

    No one made him jump down Matt Lauer’s throat when he suggested that medication helps millions of people.

    And no one made him star in bad movie after bad movie.

    Besides, if his career is so in the $hitter, how come MI III made a ton of money?

  19. chartreuse Says:


    That is the question I am investigating.
    He mkes tons of money but got fired?
    In a Hollywood filled with drug users, racists and other folks who still manage to make a living, it surprises me.

  20. Josh Says:

    Maybe Daniel Snyder orchestrated the whole thing. If you can’t win a Super Bowl, why not dip your hand into the entertainment industry (where more than one “team” can “win it all”)?

    Either way, I wouldn’t say his career is being destroyed.

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