Boring My Readers With Pictures From My First Day In Santa Monica

I hate driving.

So my first day in Santa Monica I decided to check out public transportation.

First, most of the buses have televisions on them (how cool is that?).

Second, I looked out the window and saw this kid laid out on the ground next to the ad for the HBO show ‘The Wire’.

No one seemed concerned and the bus moved on.


What a town…

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6 Comments on “Boring My Readers With Pictures From My First Day In Santa Monica”

  1. VampireFeet Says:

    I don’t think you’re in Tampa anymore… 🙂

  2. Jordan Glasner Says:

    You hate driving? You’re in for a treat then. The stress caused by hour and half commutes led me back to the friendly confines of the East Coast after only three years.

    I’ll take a hurricane any day over the 405.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Why people feel the need to drive everywhere baffles me. It’s such a waste of time. I can do so much more when someone else is driving.

    The 405 looks scary.

  4. Jordan Glasner Says:

    In LA, the car is how everyone, rich and poor, shows off to the rest of the schmucks. Where else can you get 22s on layaway?

    Take a look at the carpool lane if you need proof.

  5. Roy T Says:

    There are bums everywhere. Check out 3rd street promenade at night, they sing and dance. They’ll even jump in the ocean for a cig

  6. DudeAsInCool Says:

    I have a car, but I like the busses and the Metro in LA and use them regularly. LA is a paradise if you know how to maneuver in it. The 3rd street promenade has character—sorry the town didnt work for you guys.

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