Maximum Big Blog Surprise

Today is blog surprise day and also Blog Day as well.

In the spirit of participation, here are 3 blogs I read but don’t get to talk about and 3 new blogs.

Devour. :Kareem Mayan works for Fox Interactive. He’s stingy with the inside info but generous with links he thinks are important. New media guys should be reading him just to see what’s in his head. For where Kareem goes, so does Fox…

This Blog Sits At : Brilliant. Should be required reading by anyone interested in what this new media stuff means.

Click Opera is the blog of Momus. The guy thinks. I love it.

Now for the new stuff…

Michaela Stewart has started a blog about her life at St. Lawrence University. I love blogs like this. This chick is a government major and a speech and theatre and history double minor. And seems involved in everything. That means her blog should be interesting.

my realm is a new site trying to lower our expectations. Didn’t work!

Betty Diggs (my Aunt) just started a blog a few days ago. It’s all about inspiring women. The woman has been pushing herself and those around her all her life. She’s already inspiring to me and I’m sure her blog will move others.

In her first post Angel talks about taking a friends scanner, scrapbooking wedding pictures, and stuff like that. She’s obviously a DIY girl. Blogging is perfect for her!

I love the idea of promoting new bloggers. This is something we, as a collective, have to continue to do.

And not just on Blog Surprise Day!

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3 Comments on “Maximum Big Blog Surprise”

  1. Nice stuff, man. Thanks for the links! I’ll check ’em out.

  2. kareem Says:

    thanks for the shout-out, char. wish i could blog more about the goings-on at fox… 😉

  3. tea Says:


    Nice information on here.

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