The Importance of ‘Catcher In The Rye’

You don’t know me.

Because the most popular TV Show is only seen by 25% of the country.

I don’t know you.

Because you didn’t like ‘Fight Club’.

It doesn’t matter what your age

there is a social network for you.

A blog about your fetish.

A website for your vices.

A forum for your gripes

We live in a world where you can

customize your jeans

Your Shoes

Your Bike

and even your friends.

Just one problem.

You got to know yourself first.

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11 Comments on “The Importance of ‘Catcher In The Rye’”

  1. Ankit Says:

    Beautiful.. Just beautiful..
    You are a poet, or maybe a poet blogger.

    Yes, this is Web 2.0, the social networking madness, where anything can be customized according to your need. You just need to know what you need, and the chances are you will find it, or get it.

  2. Sean Says:

    We’re evolving (?). It used to be that “All I Really Need Know; I Leaned in Kindergarten”. Now all I really need to know was learned in the fractured, cliquish world of junior high school.

    Except then, it was easier to be an AC/DC kinda guy one year and then, over the summer, reinvent yourself as a punk rocker. Now, inconsistencies are revealed with a Google search.

    On the Web, do you customize? Or do you get customized?

  3. ann michael Says:

    Nah – you just have to start exploring – you’ll figure out who you are as you go along – no pressure. If I’m inconsistent it’s because I’m learning and I always will be!

    We might be consistent in some dimensions and inconsistent in others – that’s what makes us human – and anyone out there that has to find the ulterior motive – or judge
    us only by what they find in a google search isn’t really worth worrying about – are they?

    I don’t expect you to be perfect or consistent. I do expect you to make me think and you never disappoint me!

  4. Liz Strauss Says:

    I know a little about you. You know a little about me. On the Internet that mkes us almost lifelong friends and strangers at the same time — unless we listen in the white spaces. Then there’s a chance that we might meet.

  5. Mr Angry Says:

    You hit the nail on the head. The reason I blog is for me, to explore more of me, find out more about me and what I like. It’s the first time I’ve felt in control of the medium for doing this. Too many tech-heads spend time saying blogs suck and technology X is better for a variety of arcane reasons almost nobody understands and ever fewer people care about. It isn’t about the tech, it’s about what it lets me do. It’s about me.

  6. blaze Says:

    I predict the next generation of kids being more detached from the world & soceity and generally more f&#*cked up than any other generation.

    Don’t worry though. These things all happen in cycles. So maybe in 70 years or so we’ll have some more future baby boomers.

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  8. Jecklin Says:

    Oh Lord, I hope not…we don’t need anymore baby boomers. At least, I don’t. Although, now that I think about it they’re my bread and butter.

    My take is different, blaze. I bet the next generation of kids will be of two extremes–1) greater involvement in and care for the world and society (though maybe in ways different than we’re used to seeing..fingers crossed) and, the other half of them…what you predict.

    or, if not the “next” generation, then the one my future rugrats will be in… 🙂

  9. Reynold Says:


    True insight in your last sentence.

    A friend and colleague recently remarked on the importance of “character-forming experiences” in life, such as staying in a hostel while at college, military service, working in a field-level job etc. We were talking about the relative immaturity of a young person we know who hasn’t done those things. So the question really becomes one of the following:
    a. What will be the character-forming experiences of this generation?
    b. Do they need those anyway?


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