The Labor Day Remix

Productivity is up because you bag your own groceries.

Wages are down so you can post profits in your 401k.

Everything is really about the work.

Even this remix:

Should those Starbucks workers get tips just for making me Chia?

The history of Labor Day.

Katie Couric is working it.

More work for Gabe Rivera of TechMeme.

Marginal Revolution has a series of posts about Envy, Spite and Taxes.

SEO folks have to work harder because of ‘Link Baiters’.

So who’s working on a YouTube killer?

Vaspers goes mainstream.

Hype Williams is working on the unannouced Jay-Z comeback video.

And let’s end with the 80’s great band from Down Under, Men At Work:

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8 Comments on “The Labor Day Remix”

  1. meMeme is THE great IDEA but he needs to move out of Arrington’s house first 🙂

  2. Gabe Says:

    meMeme is an old idea (even older than ), and not a great one for 2006, because nobody has the technology to do it well. I’ve been meaning to write about why for, well, almost a year. Maybe I should soon…

  3. gabe – write dude – write 🙂

  4. TerryC Says:

    The tipping article was great. Tipping is getting out of control. Everybody wants tips!

    And Vaspers looks less scary in the light.

  5. […] P.S. Don’t forget to check out Chartreuse’s Labor Day Remix. […]

  6. Andy H Says:

    Everything is work, eh? What else is everything? 😉

    A fun retrospection…

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Funny one Andy.
    Remind me to ban you from commenting! 🙂

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