Audio Outtake from The New Orleans Project

Cab Driver (audio clip)

[note: The audio and video outtakes I will be uploading this week will include no commentary.]

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8 Comments on “Audio Outtake from The New Orleans Project”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    One man’s opinion . . . simply stated is only that. I await.

  2. I cannot believe what I saw today. It’s all so sad.

  3. Tomika Johnson Says:

    I am looking forward to what you put together. I hope you are talking to people who (like the cab driver) don’t usually get a voice.

  4. meettravis Says:

    the people we have met so far on this journey have been so honest. This cab driver may sound racist but i don’t believe he was.

  5. I agree with Travis, the cab driver was not racist at all.

  6. Martin Says:

    Kudos for doing this – it’s raw commentary and might piss some people off, but at least it’s a voice. Forget talking to other bloggers, talk to the avergae guy on the street.

    I just wonder if everyone is prepared to go beyond Katrina and look deeper into social issues that Katr only brought to the surface.

  7. chartreuse Says:

    I agree. And that’s what we have tried to do.

    We learned a lot of important things. Readers of this site will see and hear hem all.

  8. Mark Wade Says:

    This is only my personal experience from living in Atlantic City and Savannah – what this cab driver spoke of early on is also true in those cities. I’ve seen and heard it well before Katrina.

    And – only from word of mouth – there is a real and scary reason for it. It is by design. That is all I’ll say because it is but again, only one persons experience. Perhaps others will echo it from elsewhere…

    You may have absolutely no idea what you have stumbled on to here char! Much bigger than you could have imagined. Yet, completely understandable.

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