Facebook, Cheerleaders and Your Child’s College Fund (A Friday Remix)

After watching one of my favorite NFL coaches lose in his opening game last night, I find myself jonesing for more NFL stuff. So I spent my time perusing The Professional Cheerleaders Blog, which follows the lives of…professional cheerleaders.

I have also decided to give 3 NFL game picks. I suggest you bet your childs tuition on these picks.

I am that good.

Look for the Saints to blow out the Browns.

Dallas will beat Jacksonville.

And Payton to embarress his little brother.

A True Lover’s Knot

Value Creation In A Network

Um, Justin Timberlake is George Micheal, right?

Crony Capitalism and Mickey Mouse

An Interview with the president of Fox Interactive.

The truth about LonelyGirl15.

My favorite analysis of the Facebook noise:

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20 Comments on “Facebook, Cheerleaders and Your Child’s College Fund (A Friday Remix)”

  1. kid mercury Says:

    good call, no doubt about the colts putting the smack down on the giants.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    Giants are toast. Don’t know if Peyton will ever get a Superbowl ring, but he’ll kick his brother’s ass, no problem. 🙂

  3. TerryC Says:

    I love the cheerleader blog. Talk about a niche topic!

    And your Saints are going to lose. Sorry.

  4. Josh Says:

    I’m a big Saban fan myself, and had high hopes for the Dolphins this season now that they finally got rid of Jay Feedbag, but after watching them lose to the Steelers behind their backup quarterback, my expectations have taken a big hit. New England is going to eat that division for breakfast.

  5. chartreuse Says:

    I still think Miami will do well. Saban’s hesitation on that challenge is what lost the game. The Steelers have a great defense.

    I do think Culpepper is over-rated. A very good quarterback but not a great one. He has a history of cracking when it counts.

  6. Jecklin Says:

    The Miami loss was tough to watch. I want to see Harrington play. I still think he has what it takes to be a standout QB.

    I think the Giants will win.

  7. Andy H Says:

    The Brownies are gonna stomp the Saints. KII and Braylon will team up for 250 yds, and count Droughns in for 100. Joe Horn is a has been. The Dawg Pound is hungry.

    Browns 27-Saints 10.

  8. Andy H Says:

    For the record, I’ll cheer for the Saints this year … for 15 games. Just not this Sunday 😉

  9. chartreuse Says:

    You should really start a petition to bring pro football back to Cleveland.

    Saints-30 Browns-13 🙂

  10. Andy H Says:

    Low blow, Char

    Don’t matter, you can’t hurt me, we’re #1!

  11. Franklin Says:

    That bring back pro football line was the funniest I heard all day!

    I expect the Browns to be ok this year. But they are in a tough division. And no one really expects the Aints to do anything.

  12. chartreuse Says:

    Congrats on the loyalty scale. But only wins count. 🙂
    I look for Reggie Bush to shock you guys.
    Didn’t know the Dawg Pound was still around.
    Since I now live in Santa Monica there is no way I’ll see the game, but thank god for the internet.
    I expect an apology from you Andy first thing Monday morning!

  13. Andy H Says:

    If we lose, you’ll get one.

    If we win, I assume you’ll write some sort of post on why loyalty is everything and brand evangelists make or break your product, featuring flickr photos of the Pound.

  14. Mr Angry Says:

    That’s the way to generate conversation Char, make it about sport! I was just breathing a sigh of relief that football season was finishing in Australia – now I’m going to have to have real conversations because online conversations with North Americans are going to be dominated by football. Oh well, I hadn’t seen mobuss before, I really liked it.

  15. Roy T Says:

    Did I mention we have a sports site now? =)

  16. DudeAsInCool Says:

    You lead with a college headline, but then pull a sleight of hand to talk about pro football games. I think you need to get back on topic because the big games in football this weekend are between Ohio Sate and Texas & Penn State and Notre Dame 🙂

  17. Mark Says:

    How ’bout a pick from the “edge”?

    Not only will Houston beat Philly by 10 points on Sunday, the Texans will also have a winning season, going 10-6 for the year.

  18. DudeAsInCool Says:

    I take that back about Penn State lol

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