Carson Daly’s Big Internet Bet (Or How To Become Bob Saget Without The Baggage Of The Olsen Twins)

So here’s NBC’s big plan to snatch some thunder from YouTube.

They got Carson Daly to host a show/website where they issue challenges to videomakers.

Anyone can then send their video to NBC where the people will decide what’s good and what’s not.

The winner gets a thousand dollars.


Unlike most righteous thinking Americans, I like Carson Daly. And I get the feeling that he’s torn between the internet world and the mainstream world of NBC where he is under contract.

But there are a lot things wrong with the concept behind the show.

It’s going to turn into is America’s Funniest Home Videos. And unfortunately it turns Carson Daly into that guy who used to hang out with the Olsen twins.

First of all, the prize is too low. A cool grand may sound good in a 20th Century, I want to make some cash world, but it doesn’t fit the economics of the future (now).

Money is nowhere near a motivator as fame.

Attention is what the kids want.

Also the rules don’t work.

Since it’s the ‘big time’ everything you send in has to be yours. No remixing, no lipsyncing, no using the icons which make most viral videos great in the first place.

And plus NBC gets to keep and profit off of your shit forever. even if you don’t win. You can’t get more big time than that.

It does give the Carson signee Brookers something to do, though.

A quick look at the message boards show that except for Brooker’s fans people are already complaining.

If this is the future of consumer generated content meets mass media we need a backup plan.

If NBC wants this to work here’s what they need to do.

If you don’t win, you get your video back and can do whatever you want with it.

Let people use whatever brands and other things in their videos. I’m willing to bet they would love the free publicity.

And finally, Fuck the money. Give the winner a 30 minute summer season replacement tv show.

That would get attention, all the way around.

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15 Comments on “Carson Daly’s Big Internet Bet (Or How To Become Bob Saget Without The Baggage Of The Olsen Twins)”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    Better yet, let the winner be the next CARSON DALY!!

  2. Brian Says:

    Bob Saget’s actually hilarious, and nothing like his TV persona, in real life.

    Ever see the Aristocrats?

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Unfortuately, TV persona is real life. 🙂

  4. It is truly amazing that time was spent by high paid people cookig this up.

    What they need to do is a reality show about firing the people that came up with this and follow their lives for the 30 days following this f-up

    Kind of like trading places for asshole tv execs

  5. Bob saget has some real money as well.

  6. Minic Says:

    That’s the best that they can do? One Thousand Dollars?

  7. I have mixed feelings on this topic. NBC is trying to capitalize from the YouTube phenomenon and it’s celebrities. It’s a bit unfortunate that the celebrities are very young and have no managment or legal representation. They are folks just like you and me and can get taken advantage of easily.

    They are eager for the money and attention and that could hurt them. But in my opinion, this show will most likely not take off. The idea of “rules” or “challenges” is lame. They should just look at YouTube and pick their favorite videos and get them on the Carson daly show or offer them some Hollywood treatment for a while. Get their name out more. I’m sure the people submitting their videos have something they are trying to accomplish other than just getting attention. Help with their goals would be a great reward for their hard work.

  8. chartreuse Says:

    Brent, you have some good points. But here’s the deal.
    Attention, despite what anyone says, is the new currency. NBC isn’t giving that up. So the show will fail.

  9. Mr Angry Says:

    “Give the winner a 30 minute summer season replacement tv show.” – that is one hell of a prize. How many people would kill a little old lady for that chance? And it would cost the network effectively nothing because it’s something they have to do anyway. God DAMN I hope someone runs with that idea!

  10. jeff marks Says:

    it’s a great idea… it might be the lamest entertainment in the world… but do you know how much NBC pays for a 1/2 hour of primetime programming like this… easily a cool million if the first one just does o.k…. that’s a pretty good payday for the producers don’t you think… not to mention “americas funniest home videos” – the cats who produced that show, made tens of millions of dollars…that show had barely any overhead… i’ll take that deal everytime!!!

  11. If the networks want to have any value or perceived value in projects like this, they will have to learn terms like: empowering tools, free fame, empowerment, letting go, we have no control, and numerous other realities that they still are having trouble getting.

    They just don’t understand that this isn’t going to go away. Lame attempts like this are just too easy to see through and show little respect for what’s really happening in the entertainment world.

  12. Matt Says:

    I was on JetBlue the other day and saw a show (I don’t remember if it was VH1 or MTV) that basically took clips from famous internet videos and showed like 10 of them a show, narrated and mocked obnoxously by some faux-hip-hop caritcature.

    The lamest thing about it is when they’d show something that was a decade old in internet time, like the star wars kid, they wouldn’t even show the whole thing because they tried to cram as many clips into their 22 minute space as possible.

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