How To Plan For Your Employee’s Eventual Success (Or Why “The Erin Fetherman Show” Is Not An Option)

Sometimes you forget the simplest things.

I was chatting with Blogging Times hot chick Erin F. last night (no, you can’t have her number!) and she reminded me that her show doesn’t have a name.


It’s important that the show have a name.

Imagine the problem Andrew would have had if he had called RocketBoom “The Amanda Congdon Show” instead?

So before Carson Daly or Jason Calacanis offers her a deal, we need a name for Erin’s videocast so she can be replaced with little disruption.

Here’s the deal.

Think about a cool-ass name for a music show and let us know what it is. Place it in the comments, email it to me, mention it on the Blogging Times, write it on Howard’s site…whatever.

If we choose your name you not only receive an Erin Fetherman designed, limited edition T-shirt, but you also get your name and picture showcased in some way on the show. (No liability if she sets your picture on fire!)

This contest ends if and when we get a good name.

And “The Erin Fetherman Show” is not an option.

(check out her videos here for inspiration)

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14 Comments on “How To Plan For Your Employee’s Eventual Success (Or Why “The Erin Fetherman Show” Is Not An Option)”

  1. Robert Bruce Says:

    The Deal.


    Anything Right Now.

    Where’s My T-Shirt?

  2. Alison Says:


    the sock puppet show


  3. TDH Says:

    Something that could be linked to Myspace perhaps? But not ErinSpace, that just sucks.

    NewSpace / New Space

    Yes I’m Real


  4. 1. “Chartresue’s future 3rd ex wife”

    Over my, and sock puppets dead body!

    2. MySpace ShmySpace

    3. MySpace Monday’s with Eerin Feteherman

  5. TerryC Says:

    The Generation Y Music Experience

  6. […] Here are the rules… actually there are no rules. [Join now] […]

  7. chartreuse Says:

    oh boy…this is going to be interesting…

  8. arkham Says:

    I already suggested variants of these privately but…

    some candidates playing off of the ubiquitous myspace line “____ is in your extended network”…

    1. in your extended

    2. yen for the groove (where yen = your extended network, duh!)

  9. Casimir Says:

    How about something along the lines of:

    1) Bandwidth
    2) Broadbands


    3) Chords and Notes
    4) See/Hear
    5) Listen Station
    6) MusicVideo

  10. Paul McEnany Says:

    Here’s a band name I never got to use, but always loved…

    Goodnite Midnite.

    Thanks for the shirt!

  11. how aout Biiiiiiiyatch?

  12. lorbus Says:




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  14. Jennifer Says:

    I love her videos. She is so funny!

    You have to call it The Erin Fetherman Show!

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