The New Media Halftime Report Sponsored By Chartreuse (Beta)

Welcome New Media Fans!

It’s been an exciting game so far with the little guy just trouncing all over mainstream media but it looks like that’s about to change.

I agree, it seems that Mainstream Media finally gets it. And that can only mean trouble for the little guy. Despite what Jarvis says, the NBBC idea is almost perfect.

The MySpace move to just copy everyone else ideas is (though depressing) typical of those who have the size and the resources to do it. Look for it to have a huge effect.

I really hope the little guys have been creating fans and not just basing there future revenue on eyeballs! Because in the second half I see a huge shift of advertising revenue to mainstream media niches. They already have the relationships and will also have the numbers.

It is imperative at this junture of the game that the little guys shore up there relationship with their core. Treat those true fans like gold. They may need to go back and read this stuff. And do some real thinking on how to monetize without advertising (remember Freemium?)

Or better yet figure out a way to take advantage of the last bastion of cluelessness, advertising. (Well the music business is clueless too but I don’t think they even qualify as players at this point!)

The last quarter should be exciting.

Speed and agility vs. size and resources.

Now back to your personal site for the play-by-play.

[this post has been bought to you by Chartreuse (Beta) and The Blogging Times and the future. Good Luck!]

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18 Comments on “The New Media Halftime Report Sponsored By Chartreuse (Beta)”

  1. Minic Says:

    I am betting that old media will beat new media by around third quarter… the game won’t be finished though because towards the fourth quarter, fistfight will erupt. Cooler heads will not prevail…

  2. Minic Says:

    hmmm… actually I just want to be the first to post a comment 🙂 This is all going to be fun. The old meadia will surely gobble some new media because no matter what they do by the third quarter, no matter what good plays they implement, they cannot get the fans to their side.

  3. TerryC Says:

    I’m disappointed I’m not first!

    The game is about to get interesting. You are right. New Media does get it now. This is not the time to be a startup. This is the time to already be a player.

  4. David Krug Says:

    Interesting times indeed.

  5. chartreuse Says:

    nice to see you back from the dead Krug.
    Let me know when you are strong enough to take a verbal ass-kicking. I’m sure my readers miss thAT!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    So is Yahoo a small guy or a big guy?Are we New Media or Mainstream Media?

    What team do we play on!

    Always entertaining Char!

  7. TOINATTA welcome back you little shit.

  8. Andy H Says:

    God I hate terry bradshaw

  9. Mr Angry Says:

    Old media will only win if they do it right and doing it right (I believe/hope) means giving some new opportunities to the people who have been doing it right in new media. Copying will work in the short term to stave off any serious collapse of old media but it won’t stop slow erosion. If they do it right and really change the way they work, everybody should win (including audiences who might actually get something new and exciting).

  10. […] In those days Web2.0 pioneers are happy and think having won the fight. It’s been an exciting game so far with the little guy just trouncing all over mainstream media but it looks like that’s about to change. Chartreuse […]

  11. vanesica Says:

    🙂 You’ve given me a lot too think about, but more than that act upon. Thinking and planning only go so far. If one wants to be in the now one must do…

    *scratches head* what do I do next/now

  12. Roy T Says:

    Maybe old media is the new media now.

  13. Ankit Says:

    I don`t agree with you on this Char…

    Old media DOESN`t get it. They are only trying to crush small players. I can`t call it a smart move.

    Myspace is feeded with tons of third party tools. Myspace layouts, polls, widgets. You can just get zillions of different layouts and n number of widgets to try on your Myspace profile. Closing all these with few of their own clone widgets is not going to give them a long term benefit.

    Biggest problem with the old media is that they get greedier as they grow, they start to see things through stats and graphs, and forget the culture what build it. Myspace is a huge beast, and growing with a fast pace, but all this comes with lots of problems.

    People have different tastes. You can`t please everyone, let them do the things their way. Let them get the widgets, polls, codes, whatever by themselves. Why the heck tell them use this tool or this widget.

    Not a smart move…

  14. When you say, “It is imperative at this junture of the game that the little guys shore up there relationship with their core. Treat those true fans like gold,” it made me think that Facebook could be headed for all sorts of problems as it is going the opposite way, and trying to simply get more eyeballs, now that they are opening up their service to everybody.

    It seems they are trying to go mainstream, rather than deeper into their core. The rumblings disastisfaction have already started there again.

  15. Brian Says:

    Never make more than a million or two from any one website.

    We’ll still win where it matters.

  16. Greg Says:

    Old media is old because it helps kill off the competition. This time, new media has grown so fast under the radar, that I really don’t think the mainstream news can catch up. Sure, they will try copycat products and can buy up many of the rising stars. But the “smell of the man” will not remain hidden for long. The page-views of the star-ups has passed them by. See more at

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