The “Something To Read” Thursday Remix

I own a video iPod. I don’t care about hooking it up to my TV. I want to be able to download video stuff while on the move. I want CNN in my pocket.

Smart chick Liz Strauss has an interview with a doctor who put her mediating business online.

Samantha Clark of Tubetorial explains why this site does not have a real domain name.

I downloaded Lucky Number Slevin through Bittorrent. Great Movie. I burned it to DVD. All these folks (Apple, Amazon, ect.) are really putting the cash register at the wrong place.

My future ex-wife decided to say all the things she would never get to say if she died tommorow. I am not mentioned. She obviously has that ex-wife thing down.

Heather Green explains the revenue generation possibilities of LonelyGirl15.

Here’s an idea for you creative folks to steal. Put together an online serial but don’t just put it on YouTube. Tell the story on various social sites like Flickr, TagWorld, etc. Make me travel all over to get the whole thing. That would be fucking religion.

8 internet dating warning signs.

A look at this weeks music sales (with commentary)

Whitney finally divorces Bobby. is where I get my news from. Really. I love that show. I think news mixed with opinion on video is the future (now).

A new literary prize for unpublished folks without an agent.

Speaking of books, one of my favorite is A Confederacy of Dunces. It’s a classic. Here’s a site which gives you a virtual tour of places mentioned in the book.

The new Pepsi challenge: Kevin Rose or Jason Calacanis?

Some new Robert Bruce:

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8 Comments on “The “Something To Read” Thursday Remix”

  1. Mr Angry Says:

    Nice links, although I beat MoBuzz on a similar topic for The Blogging Times last week. Although MoBuzz’s production values are about a million times better. And the host is way better. Oh well.

  2. (I just wanted to add that I got the “psychotic” part of ex-wife mastered as well.)

    Hi! Happy Thursday.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I think that idea to steal is very interesting.

  4. TerryC Says:

    Mr.Angry is a news source! What a wonderful world we lie in!

    Nice links and pictures. The Copyblogger’s wife is pretty (that is his wife, right?)

  5. I have been a fan of Karina and MoBuzzTV for a long time. And I’ve never watched any Rocketboom.

    I’m sorry I freaked out Mr. Angry over at YouTube. I wonder if he’ll forgive my robotic butt.

  6. of course internet dating is the trend these days, you can meet lots of people on the internet .:”

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