New Orleans Now

As promised, starting today I will be running the videos made by the team which we sent to New Orleans. I have a total of 9 (I think it’s 9) videos to show you. They are all different lengths, some are interviews, some are montages, some are specific stories. I won’t be showing them all today but I will be showing one. This one was edited by Loren Feldman.

When I was sent to New Orleans the first thing I did was hit the
streets. The streets are where the people are, and the people know
what’s going on in their city better than any government official or
MSM person ever will. Since the people are the most important part of
a city I felt it was appropriate that we start with them first. In
the coming days we will also be presenting interviews with some
individual leaders in the city, but it’s always about the people first.-Loren Feldman

ipod/mp4 version

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7 Comments on “New Orleans Now”

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  2. R Says:

    good work people.

  3. Lloyd Fassett Says:

    I love the fact that your crew is putting this together. It’s very moving and obvious that people have something to say. Somehow MSM seems so paternalistic compared to this.

  4. VampireFeet Says:

    Nice work. I like the montage at the end. ,

    Char, putting this project together like you did is why I read this site.

  5. F.B Says:

    It’s so funny that more comments were made about Paris Hilton…Umm what’s really going on? This was a really great work. Keep it going. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  6. […] Videos Sep 18 at 10:21 pm by Matt Craven -Part I of the New Orleans Now project, an effort to share what has been happening during and since Katrina, is live over at Chartreuse (beta). […]

  7. […] So when he posts about the initial video at his influential blog I’m amazed, shocked and appalled that it recieved a measly 6 comments. […]

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