Video Girls, Angry Guys And Cats (The Monday Remix)

It’s Monday, have you watched Erin’s video yet?

The queen of online video, Amanda Congdon, annouced her new project. It’s not ‘How to get Ford to pay for my trip to L.A.’ but AmandaAcrossAmerica where she will travel the country and talk to folks. Sounds very interesting. And the map on the site is wwwaayyy cool. The whole thing is very interactive and could really be big. She’s working with some smart people.

To aid in the trip I am sending the travellers a list of places and homes NOT to stop by. The list includes the homes of ex-wives, ex-girlfriends and a certain boy I accidentally kissed during Mardi Gras 1996 (not that there is anything wrong with that…).

The official launch is tomorrow so check it out.

The slow motion death of the Movie business?

Technorati’s sample bias

Google’s copyright problem

If you haven’t been reading Duncan Riley’s posts for The Blogging Times Opinion section you are truly missing out on some insightful commentary. Last week he wrote about traffic. This week’s is just as important.

Seven great ways to connect with other bloggers.

More on the Warner/YouTube Deal

How to run an ethical, ad-driven business

As you know, all this week I’ll be running the final results on our New Orleans media experiment. But before the project even got started, myself and others took some serious beatings from some local New Orleans bloggers which were upset by the process.

In the spirit of peace I present them with this, edited by Travis Campbell. You can also see a list of some local New Orleans bloggers and other New Orleans things at New Orleans Truth. A blog put together by Know More Media and run by the Easton mentioned in the video.

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10 Comments on “Video Girls, Angry Guys And Cats (The Monday Remix)”

  1. Coops Says:

    Who is this is Erin girl? She’s funny.

  2. I am interested in more about the Amanda project. What is the point? Are they looking for things like that show “Real People”? Or is it just vacation footage?

  3. How To Use Video To Tell Your Story

    Earlier this summer, Chartreuse put together Team New Orleans, a group of site-sponsored citizen journalists reporting on the Gulf Coast reconstruction. Mishikea Brathwait, Travis Campbell, Loren Feldman, and Candice Quates worked together on the repor…

  4. candice Says:

    And I think that is it from me on this project. At one point I just totally ignored the conflict, under the pile of work I have to do, it’s not worth the time to get wrapped up in negative arguments.

    I take no responsibility for what anyone might have found.

  5. Vish Says:

    Hilarious vid, eh?!

  6. I think Erin is the Amanda of obscure music. Her videos are funny. She has reat way with words. Does shehe N.O. video was good too. That’s what I like about you Char. you lay it all out there.

  7. Let me try that again.

    Erin has a unique way with words.

    The New Orleans video was good, too.

    Hope that explains what ended up screwed up.

  8. Autophytes Says:

    a switchblade knife popular in Jamaica (1) Shaastra brand of rolling paper. (3)

  9. Izrul Says:

    This is one sexy blog.

  10. Mike Says:

    hmmm its a great one

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