Weekend Quiz (Or “For Whom The Bell Tows”)

We are at the very beginning of the Internet age.

The following is a fill in the blanks quiz.

The following industries will not survive the internet age:

Broadcast Television

Local television affiliates without a strong local news team

Broadcast Radio

Satellite Radio

Major Record Labels

Cable Television

Cell Phone Companies

and _____________

Despite rumours to the contrary the following industries will thrive in the internet age:




and ___________

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20 Comments on “Weekend Quiz (Or “For Whom The Bell Tows”)”

  1. Fraser Says:

    1) closed social networks
    2) venture capital

  2. I dont know the answers.
    But I do want to know why Cell phone companies will die.

  3. Erik Schwartz Says:

    Broadcast Television – Will be ok, too many people want passive entertainment.

    Local television affiliates without a strong local news team – Doomed, but they’ve been dead for 10 years already.

    Broadcast Radio – Music radio will die, talk radio will contiue to thrive

    Satellite Radio – Doomed, fixed costs are way too high

    Major Record Labels – Really doomed

    Cable Television – They own the pipe to the house, they’ll be in a different business but they’ll be ok

    Cell Phone Companies – Will be fine, but they will not suceed in anything other than voice .

  4. Donnie Says:

    Broadcast Television-dead once the internet is on tv. Too many shows they have to fight.

    Local television affiliates without a strong local news team-doomed

    Broadcast Radio-will be fine

    Satellite Radio-doomed

    Major Record Labels-doomed

    Cable Television-agree with Erik

    Cell Phone Companies-doomed once there is a nationwide wi-fi

  5. splangile Says:

    The dead one’s sound about right, but the one’s that will live are a bit misplaced.

    Newspapers and Magazines are dead before everything else – those glasses with the built in content screen in the upper left hand corner are just a little ways away.

    Concerts will always live on. There is nothing like a LIVE concert.

    Toasters will surely survive the Internet age!!!

  6. Duncan Says:

    Cell phone companies are an obvious one for the list: WiMax (or 802.11n) has, at least to my understanding, great rangeand in building penetration than GSM and 3G networks, hence you can do more with less. Couple this is VOIP and you no longer need cell (mobile) phone companies, you can simply have a handset which is a mini-computer ( they virtually are now anyway) that makes calls via VOIP over a WiMax connection. Your internet connect will literally do it all.

  7. The following industries will not survive the internet age:

    Current copyright laws
    Current book publishers

    Despite rumours to the contrary the following industries will thrive in the internet age:

    Artists of all kinds.
    New book publishers such as LuLu

    Ah… the After Internet age 🙂
    We survived B.C. and A.D. – now we are witnessing and a part of A.I.

    (After Internet, Internet Age, Artificial Intelligence…)

  8. Jessica Doyle Says:

    Just wanted to ad that OIL will NOT survive the internet.

  9. DudeAsInCool Says:

    In general, the following industries will morph in to various forms of webcasts, but…

    Broadcast Television – Will survive for sports and large scale events

    Local television affiliates without a strong local news team – Webcasts will takeover

    Broadcast Radio – Gone

    Satellite Radio – Gone

    Major Record Labels – Already Dead

    Cable Television – Could surive as specialized niche interests

    Cell Phone Companies – Gone

  10. Mark Says:

    While I too am excited about the media opportunities online, I wouldn’t be calling out for the death knell to old media just yet.

    Here’s what I experienced from each this week —

    Old Media
    I heard an incredible and unbelievable story about the struggles of border patrol agents on broadcast radio

    I listened to 3 gubernatorial candidates take questions from both softball and hardball pitchers, again on broadcast radio

    I gained an appreciation of what it’s like to be a pilot for the Blue Angels, and went deep sea diving, seeing the most incredible creatures and plants in HD on cable TV

    I read something that angered me in the paper, prompting me to crumple it up and fling it across the room in disgust

    I learned that there will be highway construction that will force me to change my daily route starting in a couple of weeks from my local access channel

    I watched both radio and tv by merely flicking a button. No typing, logging in or synching with a base unit involved

    I talked long distance with my brother-in-law on a plain old telephone system (POTS) and neither of us had to download any programs, or worry about having compatible software, and there was no crowd of people representing the strength of our cellular network standing around.

    I discovered that taking a few minutes to watch “Dexter’s Lab” on cable TV with my 5 year-old son is much more enjoyable than watching the same few minutes of “Mr. Nasty” on YouTube by myself any day.

    I watched a town center meeting on my local tv new station, and all the spamlike junk contents were filtered out without my having to wade through them or manually delete them.

    Here’s a glimpse into what I got from New Media
    9Rules is having a new submission round, developed a seach page (nice job btw) and developed some reader badges

    WordPress and TechCrunch are getting good and bad publicity

    The sites that report on the goings on in this world of new media are following in the footsteps of those old timers before them — like People, Entertainment Tonight, Talk Soup and Oprah, reporting on those “a-list” flavor of the day who are doing nothing of real importance, while ignoring the tens of millions of nobodies out there, reporting on and talking about things that should be noted and acted upon.

    MangoFalls joined 9Rules

    I saw the same shows on New Orleans, that I saw a few weeks ago, when the old media bombarded us with it, the only difference being the faces and the suddenly popular and seemingly new media obligartory “fuck” thrown in for good measure and effect.

    9Rules is hosting a game to guess how many will submit for this next round

    Vaspers the Grate looks nothing like I would have imagined, and appears to be much older as well (not a bad thing, just a surprising observation)

    and finally, In a world where we have much more access and possibilities to do amazing things with “less”, we are sure piling a lot more things and processes in order to get it done.

    Bottom line? I see a whole lot of potential being wasted on really trivial things. I see advertising revenue driving what gets built and what gets talked about. I see the popular kids with the hookups and links getting all the airtime, regardless of whether they have something to say, or not.

    I see a show on celebrity “news”, that got off to a rough start, but was actually starting to gain some traction, yanked offline and replaced with adult advertising and “pornocrunch”

    In short, I’m not seeing much “new” in the new media. For the record, I’m not trying to call anyone in particular to the carpet. Just calling it out honestly, as I see it.

  11. Christine Says:

    I think the question was who would survive the internet age It’s long term question, not a short term one.

    And though I know about everyone and instance you were talking about nothing is wrong with actually calling people out. In fact NOT doing it makes you just nother part of the new media problem. And I don’t think Char would mind.

  12. chartreuse Says:

    I only delete spam comments. 🙂

  13. Mark Says:

    Christine — For me to call people out would take awey from the point I’m trying to make.
    This isn’t about “who” — but rather what, why and how.

  14. 1. Porn
    2. Porn
    3. Soft Porn
    4. poker
    5. naked poker

  15. p*rn
    soft p0rn
    Nude Poker

  16. vanesica Says:

    ha ha – Howard it looks like you posted the real names and then the politically correct names, all in a neet little list; one through five. lol

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. TerryC Says:

    i found this post interesting. it really got me thinking on reasons why some of these industries won’t make it. thanks char!

  18. splangile Says:

    Maybe Howard is right. The Internet of the future is ALL PORN ALL THE TIME.

  19. fred Says:

    dead: yellow pages

    alive: book stores

  20. Reddwarf Says:

    I am not convinced that even toasters won’t survive as we know it.

    If the internet and the PC is going to be the entertainment centre of the house in the future you will be seeing a lot more products morphing to link with your computer.

    You can already get Coffee warming plates powered by USB. What next USB powered Toasters, Refrigerators… you may never need to leave your PC in the near future…

    This is not an idyllic look into the future this is a scary look into what could be a nightmare.

    Kids Playing Football will still be alive.
    In fact it is our job now to raise children to cherish even more physical activity as such an important part of life.

    From England


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