some quick links, pictures and football picks from NYC

So I’ve been in NYC for the past few days.

It’s crowded, loud, expensive and no beach.

Great people, though.

Met some cool folks at Noah’s likemind event. Everyone there was much smarter than me, it was more of a ‘perhaps like your mind if you are having a really good day’ event for me.

Hung out with Adam and Jeff in one of the coolest video studios in the city. They had hot chicks in and out of the place for some project they are working on. I wonder what’s that about?

Hooked up with Loren for a few days of torture.

Erin F. has graciously allowed me an hour of her time on Tuesday. That’s cool. (I really think that Howard came up with the best name for her show. But I hear he can’t win.)

If anyone else wants to get together while I’m in NYC just shoot me an email.

One NFL pick this week: New Orleans over Atlanta. Really.

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Podcasting as a branding tool.

People are cheaper than Adspace

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4 Comments on “some quick links, pictures and football picks from NYC”

  1. David Krug Says:

    Ok, Your wrong on that pick. Atlanta over New Orleans by 17. NO has no run defense.
    Bush out with an injury in the 1st quarter.

  2. dilawar Says:

    Now, don’t forget Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, not as great a beach, but still serves its purpose.
    Ah! the Russian beauties at Brighton Beach.

  3. She can give me a bath. I just washed my speedo 🙂 .

    It’s my wifes 12th and a quarter year anniversary gift to me 🙂

  4. gukwofyfg Says:

    So inquiring as i thought it didn’t young girls in underwear realize what to change her.

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