The Unimportance Of Robert Scoble (Or A Cool HD Camera Is Not New Media)

One of the bad habits people get into is thinking they are doing new media when they are actually doing old media in a different suit.

It happens all the time.

One of the latest examples is Robert Scobles’ video podcast.

Watching the preview was like watching…tv. I mean looked good. Nice clear picture. But no instructions on how to watch it on my mobile device. No use of the tools that make the internet really special.

Now I’m sure the show will be reletively popular. I mean it’s Scoble, right?

But it seems a bit like it’s going to be a bit like a business show on CNN. With even the same production values.

How cool is that? (Hint:Not very.)

I guess what really bothered me was his comment about screencasts in the comment section of his blog. (Robert will take his HD camera and videotape a demo of how to use your product.)

Screencasting is one of those things that can truly demonstrate something that happens in this new virtual world of ours. And it’s effective. Ask the guy that makes millions selling those simple How To Use Your Computer CDs on late night TV.

That ubiquitous old man is doing more to spread new media than Scoble has.

Which brings me to the new Amanda Congdon project.

Though it’s far from perfect it’s utilizing New Media in tons of ways. Google Maps, Wiki’s, encouraging participation. Say what you want about the interest it has generated or the interestingness of some of the topics, you can’t deny that it’s brave and a step forward.

How cool is that? (hint: very)

It’s not just some chick with a cool HD camera.

When we look back at our lives (and we all will) it’ll be nice if you could be part of the folks who ushered in the real new media revolution, and not just one of the guys who thought he was a California King.

Those with an audience and a supposed interest in new media should use there influence to usher in the new age instead of just regurgitating the old.

Now that would really be cool.

(Sidenote: Now that I probably won’t get invited to any PodTech parties I’ll be having having one of my own. Drinks on me.

And I’ve personally invited the Video Professor.)

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14 Comments on “The Unimportance Of Robert Scoble (Or A Cool HD Camera Is Not New Media)”

  1. TerryC Says:

    Great Monday post.

    I thought you were a bit harsh on Scoble (considering the praise you heaped on Paris Hilton recently) but pointing out the Video Professor was cool!

  2. Billy Says:

    New media means EVERYONE has a HD camera!

  3. Interesting Post.

    Robert was one of the first to use low cost Video Equipment at Microsoft to deliver and telll stories. He was effective before he had an expensive HD camera.

    Sure the barriers are still higher when it comes to creating online video vs a blog, but still anyone can publish video if they reall want.

    I’ve been uploading video from my consumer level camera using YouTube and Google.

  4. Robert Scoble Says:

    Hey, stop putting your new media on my old media! Heheh.

    And, how do you get my stuff onto a cell phone? Good point. But those geeky enough to do that right now will figure it out. After all, I give you the downloads of my videos for free. Does the video professor do that? Does he answer comments, even from people who try to take potshots?


  5. Minic Says:

    Let’s wait until Robert launches it tonight 🙂

  6. chartreuse Says:

    I’ll call the Video Professor’s 800 number and find out!

    As my regular readers know, I just used you a prop to say something else.

    We use HD cameras, too!

  7. I hate to pick on him because I never read him but comew on, he is the original linker and he now seems way out of his element with a camera.

    I hate podcasts too even though I know there is a market out there – seems so horse and buggy these days

  8. shel israel Says:

    Wow. Bad reviews before the curtain goes up. That kind of bangs hard on any claims you have to objectivity. I have to agree that mobile would be nice, but I don’t agree with your view that it’s all that makes the Internet “really special,” as you state. BTW, that’s a really nice photo of my right hand on Scoble’s Naked Shoulder.

  9. Zach Says:

    I dont think that “New Media” has a whole lot to do with what equipment people are using. Its about “new” people doing media.. instead of the same ol’ network folks.

  10. That was cool of shel and scoble to drop by.

    They have agreat point being out theeir trolling for comments and conversation is not something that old media does.

  11. Contrarian A Says:

    i saw the show. it was a snoozefest. thaks for the warning Char.

  12. […] Here are some thoughts from Chartreuse (ouch). Right on the button though. […]

  13. Brian Says:

    Zach, no, that’s not what “new” media means. At all.

    It just happens to have turned out that way.

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