The Catherine Zeta-Jones/Gabe Rivera Opinion Remix

I’ve been too busy to do an actual post in a few days but I do have some quick opinions on some things.

Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong either in the comments or at the party.

Gabe Rivera’s new advertising model is great. But I think the real answer is looking at advertising upside-down.

The Facebook move was obviously a play to go head to head with MySpace. Too bad.

None of these social plays is as important as Skype, despite it’s problems. And Ebay is the most underated company in the universe.

Scoble is Dead. Calacanis (of all people) is right.

Mark Cuban (of all people) is wrong about YouTube.

Catherine Zeta Jones has been fired as T-Mobile Spokesperson. It marks the real start of the mobile era.

Brian Clark turns 39 tommorow. Again.

I originally had some concerns about the direction of Wallstrip. But after sitting in on a few meetings I think it’s going to blow people away. Really.

A warning for men attending parties tonight.

George Costanza was the best character ever created for television…

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16 Comments on “The Catherine Zeta-Jones/Gabe Rivera Opinion Remix”

  1. Mary Jane Says:

    Facebook is looking to be a cooler MySpace. I don’t think it will work either. Someone is oing to build a FB clone and steal their core audience.

    And Kramer is funnier than George.

  2. TerryC Says:

    right on. see you at the party.

  3. tiffany Says:

    @mary jane: Someone has already built an FB clone. It’s called

    Actually, it’s mid way between Facebook and MySpace: requires a .edu email address, but allows page customizations.

    But the question of ‘Will anyone really leave FB in droves?’ remains to be seen. If they do, it won’t be for a new site. In that regard, inertia is on facebook’s side. A new social networking site requires the active participation of those in your social network in order to be valuable to you. It’s hard work convincing your entire crew of friends and their entire crew of friends to switch services.

    They may, however, just stop visiting as much, which seems to have happened with BlackPlanet (just guessing there…I know my friends fled the site in droves in 2000).

  4. aNtónio Says:

    Right on, George is the best 🙂

  5. Brian Says:

    Again my ass. You’re just mad because in order for me to *ever* be older than you, you have to die. 🙂

  6. chartreuse Says:

    good one Brian 🙂 But I would like to see a birth certificate. 🙂

    I’m really just thrilled to see Tiffany reads this blog. She’s cool.

  7. Site Security Says:

    Official Site Warning

    Watch your language Brian.

  8. vanesica Says:

    Police warn all single men, party-goers and unsuspecting pub…

    I wonder if the three boobed woman had anything to do with that warning being issued?

    Ha ha ha!

  9. Brian Says:

    Loren, ever since Char told me your were 5’6” I’ve taken these warning less seriously. 🙂

  10. Brian Says:

    How was the party? Where’s the post game wrap up?

    What’s happened to my favorite blog (that I don’t own)?

  11. Fraser Says:

    Brian asks all the questions I want answers to.

  12. rafi Says:

    Doesn’t the silence speak volumes? 🙂

  13. Char has gone missing for two days so I hope he is ok. Loren needs to check in.

    the party was tame but lot’s of great poeple and conversation and photo ops for sure.

  14. Site Security Says:

    He’s fine and at an undisclosed safe house right now. Details and an official statement soon.

  15. Site Security Says:

    Please go to for chartreuses statement

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