The Unique And Beautiful Snowflake Trap (Or Why 90% Of You Must Die)

Small is the new big.

Everyone knows it.

But nobody knows it.

Everyone is trying to get bigger.

My friends at B5 grabbed 2 million from VCs.

My enemies at 9rules add sites despite the quality.

Scoble and company grabs for the GNP of a small nation to produce videos less popular than ZeFrank or LisaNova.

I’m fed up with it…

So I’ve decided to get rid of 90% of you.

You know who you are.

You are not my core audience. You are Digg junkies. You care about what’s popular instead of what’s going to be popular and why. You are are stuck in the now ideas instead of the new ideas.

So here’s the deal.

I’m starting a new blog.

It will introduce you to new music, ideas, companies and people that matter.

It will utilize the things only possible on the web.

It will be video intensive. Photo intensive. Converstion intensive.


Because despite what Google says it’s not about page rank. Or page views. Or even popularity.

It’s about inspiration, ideas and cool people.

It’s about debate with those who care instead of those who just read.

It’s about not being so fucking pedestrian.


Launch Date: Friday 13th of October, 2006.

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29 Comments on “The Unique And Beautiful Snowflake Trap (Or Why 90% Of You Must Die)”

  1. kid mercury Says:

    yes! the revolution is coming! i believe.

  2. Michael Says:

    Wow, a Friday the 13th launch… that’s bold!

    Glad to see you’re back on your feet.

  3. Andy H Says:

    Ah… the ol’ “I’m too good for you” hook.

    A good one. When I can’t get into a nightclub, I KNOW I wanna be in.

    Also, I would like to take this time to announce (spam), that the future is in obselescense. Everything new is old in 10 minutes and everything small that’s really got “it” gets big real soon. So junk it, you don’t go into the future looking forward, your back is to the front and you can only see the past clearly. The new blog network we’re starting is going to be written on parchment, we only speak in Latin and you need an SPQR tatoo and either patricius or equus rank to get in. No Gaels, either.

    Cavasne? 🙂

  4. chartreuse Says:

    You always get it don’t you Andy?

    The revolution will be broadcast…channel to be named soon.

  5. VampireFeet Says:

    I can’t wait!

  6. lorbus Says:

    I am ready, willing, and open.

    May the new Char rock as hard as the old one.

  7. Andy H Says:

    The l0v3 in this thread is making me sick

  8. Listen mr small is big, fat is skinny, carbs are protein

    If you think fro one second that I will pay for your sight one second past the launch of Andy H’s parchment blog – you are kidding yourself.

  9. i wont pay but thats a good post. I owe you a dime.

  10. VampireFeet Says:

    Your wealth advisor is cheap. 🙂

  11. chartreuse Says:

    Don’t worry…everybody will pay…eventually. 🙂

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  13. Mike Lewis Says:

    cool. i like that your blog discusses the interesting rather than just the popular. Take me with you.

  14. franky Says:

    Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

  15. Brian Says:

    That a boy… like a champ!

  16. Maybe you can get your own leather jacket now you…..

  17. Chris P. Says:

    Any reason to blow this up and start over on Cutline is a good reason.

    At least that’s how I roll.


  18. Lloyd Fassett Says:

    YEAH BABY. Swing open those suicide doors and let’s go on the road trip!

    But seriously, you are right. The internet changes everything. It’s happening and the non-believers can, well, do what they do.

    And, seriously, I can’t spend time on a video intensive site. I only got through two of your N.O. vids. Please write a nice neat summary for us time pressed folk. I mean, have some empathy. If you really just wanted quality, why not open some face to face salon with 10 of the coolest people?

  19. jvon Says:

    What’s a converstion? Will it hurt?

    I look forward to the launch.

  20. Liz Strauss Says:

    Fire melts snowflakes. It’s always about the people. Will there be dancing?

  21. dilawar Says:

    There is a turbulence in media empires. Questions are being asked. Options being evaluated. What, who, and where is this change happening? – They say.

    Fucking idiots are thinking opposite. Dont stop the revolution; change your course with it.

    chartreuse, O, you mighty leader, lead. And thee shall followeth thou.

  22. Is rent really that high in new York.

  23. fred Says:

    it’s not an URL, or a feed address, it’s a person

    just let me know where to follow you

  24. Mr Angry Says:

    Eric Cartman beat you to it with the “You can’t get into CartmanLand” marketing of his private theme park. So this will definitely work.

  25. Jecklin Says:

    Most people don’t get it…

    I’m bored…screw them…

    Most people don’t understand that FAILURE IS THE NEW SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!


    blah blah follow blah new ideas fail blah in the here & blahnowblah

    losers win

    the kindest thing a person can tell you is I HOPE YOU FAIL

  26. I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.
    I have a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it.
    – Groucho Marx

    My grandfather always said.. “If you want to be seen – stand up .. if you want to be heard – speak up … and if you want to be appreciated – shut up”
    – Gervis – Survivor 1

    (so I’ll shut up now)

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  29. kartooner Says:

    Not sure if I should be offended or delighted. Either way, thanks for the link.

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