So if you ran Revver What would you do now?

So here’s the answer to that…maybe.

I’ve been getting tons of questions about the new site. I’ll answer two of them.

Yes and no.

BTW, the chick more important than Rolling Stone (I’ll explain later) was kind enough to send this gentle reminder…

Everything changes Friday 13…

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9 Comments on “So if you ran Revver What would you do now?”

  1. VampireFeet Says:

    That Erin looks great in glasses!

  2. The full answer to the revver question is here.

    Veoh clipped half of it. Guess youtubr has nothing to worry about from them either.

  3. Get Your Classified Writing Here

    I’m sorry for the three-day weekend delay in posts. I was home with my family, far, far away from this laptop. We’re back in business today. I came back in time to see my friend Jesse Sunenblick pitch his writing…

  4. Mark Says:

    If I were Revver, I would be celebrating, because as everyone knows here, big is dead — small is where it’s at.

    Revver has a tremendous opportunity to seek out the new ideas, inspiration and cool people while YouTube assilimates into the borg and the lawyers from both corporations, the music studios and representatives of all those concerned about infringed copyrights fall all over themselves and their (potential) clients like dogs in heat on the pedestrian sidewalks of the virtual world.

    Here’s to the Google buyout of YouTube, and the celebration of lawyers everywhere.

  5. Jecklin Says:

    Not that I know anything about this shit, but I they need to let the copyright issues go.

    If this becomes a problem, someone needs to set up a service offshore, like at Havenco in the Principality of Sealand.

    I wish someone big would do that. 21st century, baby!

  6. Mr Angry Says:

    Revver is fine up to the point YouTube starts paying content creators. And there’s no reason that YT *would* start paying, they get their millions of users without paying them so the incentive to start paying is what exactly? No doubt plenty of Google adword advertising is coming to YT but they don’t have to share it.

    So far as I have been able to work out, Revver is after a totally different market. They will NEVER have the numbers of YT so they have focused on enticing high quality content producers by splitting the advertising bucks. They have signed a few deals with third parties to provide content, boosting rvenues for both themselves and creators. Totally different business model and totally unthreatened by GooTube.

    GooTube’s only reason to pay content creators is to crush opposition. If they take that path it’s game over. Every single competitor will be history.

  7. Jecklin Says:

    Revver & FameTV–will it work?

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