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Your Labor Day Weekend Pop Quiz

August 31, 2007


Though I’ve been slacking doesn’t mean you can!


One question.

Multiple choice.

You’re the president of ABC Sprockets. Your customer base is growing but you can feel the heat of Spacely on your corporate neck.

Where’s the best place to spend you’re profits to avoid your customers moving to the Next Big Thing?

  1. Put most of your money and time into R&D so you can continue to come up with cool stuff for your customers.
  2. Put most of your time and money into building customer trust.
  3. Put most of your time and money into building partnerships and joint ventures to sustain growth.
  4. Spend your time thinking about your smart girlfriend.

The correct answer is obviously D.

here’s why-


Motown meets HipHop mashup

August 29, 2007

 Jay-Z feat. Marvin Gaye “Girls Lets Get It On”

The Jena 6

August 24, 2007

I’m tired, never been so busy in my life, and I thought post-Katrina was exhausting…did not get the job, was encouraged to apply for XXXXXX, but the same week I was applying, Jena just blew up….I can’t leave yet, this is too big… feels real…..


Mostly Crimes And Vices (the aug 24 early morning link dump)

August 24, 2007

You Are Better Than You Think

I was snooping through Communicatrix’s bookmarks and found these business card booklets. kinda cool.

How to download undownloadable songs on myspace

Throwing people in jail for using open wi-fi networks?

Sex 2.0 Conference is wwaayy cheaper than the International Conference on Mathematics: Trends and Developments and the girls will (probably) dress better.

My exes and my sister are (or were at some point) involved in teaching higher education. They all disagree with my opinion that schools are a waste of time. Finally someone agrees with me.(kinda)

Amy Winehouse leaves rehab after 4 days and has bloody fight with husband. (warning: ugly stuff, not really morning pictures)

Note to Delta Airlines: If a woman keeps insisting she’s a lady that means she’s probably not.