a quick case study on Michael Vick the corporation and his dog fighting subsidiary

We spend a lot of time managing change.

We got our Blackberries, IM clients and we Twitter constantly to stay current.

We have RSS feeds out the wazoo, have a wishlist for our business on TIVO and will even occasionally buy a physical magazine or newspaper. We know we have good information.

We are 100% sure we know what’s happening to our business right now.

And therein lies your problem.

In today’s world smart folks don’t try to manage change.

They anticipate it by seeing what’s happening outside there business can effect them.

Let’s strip all the noise away and do a quick case study on Michael Vick the corporation, his dog fighting subsidiary and how not anticipating change really fucked him up.

If you are going to commit a crime it’s important to keep in mind , especially if you’re a public figure, just how high up on the irritating-the-public scale it is.

Public figures caught with weed are unlikely to lose their careers. Players have been accused of crimes even as notorious as rape or murder and still they thrived.

But a few things have converged to make Micheal Vick a pariah.

Let’s be completely honest, if the dog fighting allegations had come out this time last year Vick would be far less trouble. And not because of the lack of a NFL conduct policy.

The NFL conduct policy was a train even the blind could anticipate.

The NBA started the trend with it’s dress code policy. NFL players rap sheets became the talk of sports radio. Plus a new commissioner was coming in and had to make his mark.

That convergence of trends made the NFL conduct policy a given. But Vick assumed, and he would have been right last year and most years before, that his crime would not be considered a major one if he ever got caught. Especially not one that would jeopardize his career.

But other trends were happening which the football-clever Vick, ignored or just missed.

Things have been happening on the edges which are changing the way people look at pets.

It started years ago with the mainstreaming of vegetarians.

Then remember Barbaro, the horse?

The rise of social networks also played a huge role.

If you’re a dog lover you now have the opportunity to know hundreds more. And they pass information. By email, IM and even Twittering. Just look at how busy the Dogster forums are. Or take a look at the amount of dog pictures on Flikr.

It seems pretty obvious that with these things conspiring against you it was not the time to be in the dog fighting business.

But the real tipping point happened in April, before the allegations against Vick came to light. It was the China tainted dog food story.

Suddenly you had millions of pets threatened.

Unfortunately the threat was something pet owners could do nothing about. China? How does some woman in Utah who loves her poodle fight against some unknown exporter in China?

Then came Vick.

Something could be done about him.

Just like Saddam had to pay for the sins of Osama Bin Ladin, Vick is being handled much more severely than others accused of far more heinous crimes.

If the Vick Dog Fighting subsidiary had been paying attention to these trends on the edges his best option would have been obvious.

The best Vick option was to handle it quickly and quietly as possible. Instead, by not anticipating the change on the edges and the effects it would have on his middle (his mainstream football career) he could lose everything.

The same thing happens in business.

Newspapers ignoring the Craigslists and Ebay. The music business ignoring Napster and P2P…

Stop looking at what’s happening to you and start paying attention to what’s happening around you.

Especially on the edges.

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10 Comments on “a quick case study on Michael Vick the corporation and his dog fighting subsidiary”

  1. kathy s Says:

    Now I remember what was so cool about this site. you have a knack of linking things that people like me don’t usually see.

    M Vick is a disaster and I don’t feel sorry for him at all but there is something to learn from it. Stop looking at what’s happening to you and start paying attention to what’s happening around you. Smart!

    Thanks and welcome back!

  2. chartreuse Says:

    Thanks K!
    I still have to regain a rhythm with my prose but it’s like a bike, right?
    If I remember correctly you emailed me once about your band. Send me your latest!

  3. mullah cimoc Says:

    mullah cimoc say ameriki not caring when him muslim get the torture, electric shock and smash head and suffocation in plastic bag but acting so concern when dog treat the cruel way.

    this proving usa media making ameriki so stupid and sick. how possible ameriki woman thinking okay for sexual torture of muslim but crying the fake tear when animal suffer.

    but ameriki not understand sheep dog like the work and rather die than not go for working sheep and goat each day. but fake ameriki animal lover he keep work dog in cage and hate the cowboy who work the dog and make the dog happy.

    fight dog liking the fight. this dog rather die than not the fight. this the breeding method produce.

    ameriki society so mix up. the ameriki woman think she pure but take the LBT (low back tattoo) and slut for every man even the gang member.

    ameriki man cry baby if dog hurt but happy and smile when see captive muslim him tortured and head smash into wall and the object raping of the anus.

    also at guantanamo the homosexual violence and sick of wiping the menstrual blood on muslim for defile. but ameriki so pure because feeling the sorry for dog.

    for this ameriki society be destroy. economic to crashing and then not the job. then the fighting for the aztec and maya. but ameriki just slave of master in tel aviv. ameriki just exising for make israeli master of world. but god having the differnt plan and ameriki will to learn the cruel and the suffering. him ameriki hippie calling this the karma and the karma coming but like thief in night and no one know the hour.


  4. chartreuse Says:

    ok…thanks for the comment.

  5. range Says:

    Man, that is one great comment there, it’s pure gold!

  6. David Krug Says:

    Time to reevaluate my businesses. Scout the edges for changes.

  7. testers Says:

    You seem to have forgotten that he was also gambling tens of thousands, possibly much more, every year since since he was in college — and using the 120+ million the NFL was willing to give him to fund his own gambling operation.

  8. Brian Clark Says:

    >>Time to reevaluate my businesses. Scout the edges for changes.

    That’s all any new business is. Sometimes all the change you need is a new way to reach people about, say for instance… log siding.

  9. chartreuse Says:

    yeah, now that’s an underserved market….

  10. joe Says:

    The mick vick case is a sad loss for a person as famous as himself and the cruelty involved. But folks, there is a lot worse going on in america right now. Remember the katrina disaster in new orleans, there were tv shows about the spca rescuing dogs from damaged houses, all the while bush and co refused to spend the millions it took to rescue the poor black residents of that state.

    Remember, as much as we love animals and care about there welfare – there is no way that any animal is over and above any huiman being, but ofcourse america and the humane groups sem to think differently. They are creaming MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars out of fear, banning america once great breed the apbt, and causing mass hysteria ,,all the while taking funds to ease their own lifestyles. Grow up america you are now the worlds laughing stock.

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