what matters (Jello Edition)

Some of us are completely backwards

we think what we do at work

is more important than what we do at home

that the clothes we wear are more important than the people we meet

that our world is controlled by multi-national corporations and evil governments instead of the person you are inside.

some of us mistakenly think that money is more important than hope

that hate is more powerful than the dandelions

and that a mistake is worse than indifference.

some of us mistaking believe that our enemies are always wrong

that protecting a song is more important than singing a song

and that being paid to do nothing is better than doing anything.

The most important thing is knowing what matters.

When my brother and I was 8 and 9 years old, respectively, we spent the morning creating a dessert for our parents anniversary. Jello with cookies inside. My mom explained to us later that it really wasn’t a good idea to put cookies in jello because they get soggy and disgusting as the jello hardens.

But my parents knew what mattered.

On their anniversary night, they ate it anyway.

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11 Comments on “what matters (Jello Edition)”

  1. kathy s Says:

    cute story with a good message.

  2. Matt Craven Says:

    Can I persuade you to remove that snapshot thing that makes it really hard for me to see what you’re linking to? 😉

  3. chartreuse Says:

    sure, i find them sometimes irritating as well. its according to the post.

  4. Travis Says:

    i remember that dude. We were really bad with anniversary gifts.

  5. i knew you would lose those stupid snap boxes. better.

  6. Franklin Says:


  7. Charlene Says:

    I think your daughter is beautiful (and so is her stepsister). It took me a minute to get why the two kids (without jello) were there but I get it now.

  8. cookies in jello?!?
    So you were always a little off!

    And welcome back.

  9. Liz Strauss Says:

    No wonder you know too.

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